Decisions Made – Adding to My Crazy Life

Well, after yesterday’s post about having a blank mind when it comes to writing, I have decided to attempt to fix that problem. I am going to focus on writing more. On improving my writing abilities. On getting rid of my blank mind.

I may be stretching myself a bit thin here by doing this.

I am less than two months in to my new job (and loving it) where I am getting busier and busier by the hour as my meetings take shape and pass through the various stages of planning.

I am working hard to get my running shape back on track. I have started PT again, on my dime until I can get my no-fault benefits back on track. I am going to progress my runs longer, further, hopefully faster. I am hoping to get back to strength training shortly as well.

I am also 16 books behind my goodreads goal of reading 100 books this year. To be fair, I failed at math when setting a target goal of books ready and didn’t realize till about a week later that the goal would require me reading roughly 2 books a week – oops!

writingBut all that busy aside, I am determined to start writing again. To start writing more often, to become a stronger writer, to better myself.

This means, hopefully, you will see more posts. You will see varied posts, even though this is supposed to be a fitness and travel blog, but now it will become something a bit more. What that bit more is am not 100% yet sure, but I will use this space to grow, to expand my abilities.

Wish me luck. Shortly I will sign up for some online writing classes via Gotham Writers Workshop. I will write down any idea, tag line, topic that comes in to my head as a potential writing piece either my own or a blog post.


Written Blank Mind

For the past few days I’ve been wanting to post a blog. Obviously I have not posted one. I have run in to a form of writers block. I have nothing clever, witting or informative to write. I not good stories to share or recap. I have nothing. I can’t even begin to pull a topic out of thin air.

I feel my mind is a written blank. I feel I have lost my written creativity. I question how much I ever had.
writers-block-quoteI love writing. Every so often I remember how much I love to write. I used to keep a 5 subject pink spiral notebook behind my bed so after lights out I could turn on a flashlight under the blankets and write. I’d write scripts, I’d write stories, I’d write ideas.

If I were to do that now, I think the entire notebook would be blank.

That makes me sad.

How do you keep your mind full of ideas, of topics, of creativity?
How do you keep yourself from drawing a written blank?

It’s Time To Better Myself

For the past two years I have been working on my physical self.  I have been running, training, exercising, attempting to watch what I eat.  Sometimes that last part fails, particularly when stress gets terrible in which case, chocolate is the ONLY thing that helps….ok that last part is just something I tell myself, but hey, if it helps, why ruin a good thing.

Anyway, I have gotten back on the bandwagon.

I am starting to track my WW point/meals again.
I am re-committed to my fitness goals.
I am re-committed to me!
Better Yourself

From a friendly recommendation, I have signed up for an online education class.  I am taking a Business and Marketing Writing online class through Molloy College via ed2go. Wednesday, the day the first lesson is released, cannot come quick enough.

I have always enjoyed writing.  I have recently been told I have wonderful email communication, which pleased me very much.

However, I have never taken any time of business class before. I majored in Communication and American Studies in undergrad.  I have a Master in Elementary Education.  I am a meeting planner.  Never have I ever taken anything directly related to business, so now I am.

I am bettering myself, one class at a time!

Yes, there will be additional writing classes, maybe some classes in things I have no current knowledge of, or a class or two as a refresher for things I do know, but could use a brush up on!  Stay tuned to watch my writing improve as well as my many other educational exploits!

And of course, let’s not forget, my fitness/running journey!