Forming Habits……Again

So, 9 days ago I finally kicked some sense in to myself and got back on Weight Watchers.

I already have the fitness habit formed (albeit a little modified with the car accident injury) so now it’s all about getting my eating habits back on track.

As you know I work from home, so temptation is surrounding me all day long. Typically I eat a sandwich for lunch. Occasionally I’ll have a salad, except then I tended to have a sandwich for dinner – oops.

This week I focused on changing habits.  I made it a point to NOT eat sandwiches all week. That mostly worked – I had one sandwich all week long!

How’d I do that? It was actually rather simple once I went food shopping, once searched for recipes or attached pinterest for ideas.

I made a salad or omelette for lunch. I had a salad or some other meal for dinner. I made my own cucumber roll-up concoction. I went food shopping so I wouldn’t be tempted with bad food ideas.  I also started making the Weight Watchers Chocolate Smoothie with their shaker as my afternoon sweet treat. It was a great idea. I would make it with water + ice in the shaker. I used cubed ice and it would take easily take me 30 minutes or more to drink it all – definitely a lasting afternoon snack.

This week I also focused on my running. I managed to get 10.25 minutes in over the week. Monday and Wednesday I only hit 2 miles; my lungs have been angry, I have felt quite fatigued this week (not sure where that is coming from) so I listened to my body and ran what I was able.

Friday I hit the boardwalk again for a nice sunset run. My lungs weren’t quite 100% still, but my stamina and endurance were definitely feeling better because I managed 4.10 miles! This was my longest non-race outside training run in the 2.5 years I have been running. Clearly I haven’t been training properly outside for my half marathons. Though I did train hard on the treadmill last winter for the NYC Half Marathon, logging more treadmill miles than I ever have before!

The end result, I lost 2.2 pounds in my first week back. I have no expectations I can duplicate my plans and loss from last week in to this week, but I can try. Habits form slowly, day by day, week by week until you wake up and your habits are just part of your every day life without question.

How do you keep focused on healthy eating when its easier to make a sandwich or go out to dinner?


It’s Time To Better Myself

For the past two years I have been working on my physical self.  I have been running, training, exercising, attempting to watch what I eat.  Sometimes that last part fails, particularly when stress gets terrible in which case, chocolate is the ONLY thing that helps….ok that last part is just something I tell myself, but hey, if it helps, why ruin a good thing.

Anyway, I have gotten back on the bandwagon.

I am starting to track my WW point/meals again.
I am re-committed to my fitness goals.
I am re-committed to me!
Better Yourself

From a friendly recommendation, I have signed up for an online education class.  I am taking a Business and Marketing Writing online class through Molloy College via ed2go. Wednesday, the day the first lesson is released, cannot come quick enough.

I have always enjoyed writing.  I have recently been told I have wonderful email communication, which pleased me very much.

However, I have never taken any time of business class before. I majored in Communication and American Studies in undergrad.  I have a Master in Elementary Education.  I am a meeting planner.  Never have I ever taken anything directly related to business, so now I am.

I am bettering myself, one class at a time!

Yes, there will be additional writing classes, maybe some classes in things I have no current knowledge of, or a class or two as a refresher for things I do know, but could use a brush up on!  Stay tuned to watch my writing improve as well as my many other educational exploits!

And of course, let’s not forget, my fitness/running journey!