2016 – I’m Coming For You

Welcome to the end of another fantastic year.

2015 was filled with ups and downs of a personal and fitness nature.
2015 was filled with happiness and sadness of a personal and fitness nature.dribbble-newyearnewyou_1x2016 will most likely also be filled with ups, downs, happiness and sadness of both a personal and fitness nature.

Ultimately it’s how you view the outcomes of each and handle the present matter of them that determines success of failure.

2015 had family members dealing with health crisis after health crisis and myself dealing with injury from being read ended on a snowy Sunday afternoon. It also had me dealing with a horrible job at the start of the year but by summer feeling like I had come home when I started a new job.

But I overcame them. I was there for my family when they needed me.  I got out of a bad career situation and into a much more positive one.

I also ran. I used it as an outlet, as therapy, as a way to champion for myself.

I dealt with bad race day conditions, mental breakdowns and injuries but over came them to finish all the races I started and hitting goals I set for myself.

2016 will only get better.  Still loving my job, although I could deal with less stress – but, I mean, who couldn’t, right?

I am registered for the 2016 United NYC Half Marathon having completed the New York Road Runners 5 Borough Series. I have a goal in my head that I will keep between and my personal trainer because if I don’t put it out there, I won’t be disappointed if I fall short…..though I am sure at some point I will announce it!

I am also gearing up for my first full marathon in 2016 – through the NYRR 9+1 program I qualified for entry in to the 2016 NYC Marathon!  In my head, training has already begun.

I am setting my fitness goals, which to me really are the only 2016 New Years ‘Resolutions’ that matter. I am lining up ways to achieve what I have set in my mind. I am scheduling workout session and runs and classes so I don’t skip or flak out on myself.

Sweet Workout AmbassadorI am also THRILLED to announce that I am a part of the #sweetworkout Ambassador program moving forward.  What excites me the most is the sharing, bonding, community that will help me stay on track to meet my goals while working with others to stay on track and meet their goals. Together we will conquer the fit world in 2016!


Magical Reappearance

importantI know, it’s been quite a while since my last post, for that friends I am deeply sorry. Sometimes your day life gets in the way of your online life.

I started an amazing new day job 4.5 months ago, it’s kept me quite busy, as well as stressed, but I love what I do. I’m a meeting planner by day, a runner by night.

IMG_20151012_102111Three weeks ago I did something I only vaguely gave thought to before this year – I qualified for the 2016 NYC Marathon through the New York Road Runners 9+1 Program!  Three weeks before that I qualified for the 2016 NYC Half Marathon through their 5 Borough Series program!

I somehow managed to run 4 races in 5 weeks – I pushed myself, buy smartly. I was careful with my training, I rested when my body said to rest, I ate properly, I listed to my trainer and I used various social media groups and posted as added motivation and inspiration.

After that I rested. I consciously decided to take a break.

I continued kickboxing once a week at my local ilovekickboxing.com gym.

I continued with my trainer once a week.

I attempted to make smart food decisions (something that didn’t always happen).

Now I am ready to get back in to my runners!

IMG_20151120_194443On Friday I decided I would run a local turkey trot. After I made the decision I found out it was a 10k, not a 5k like I thought (er, hoped?). But I stuck with my plan – I mean, I have to get back out there somehow.

In the mean time, I found that I have indeed gotten stronger. I can now plank for a minute! In fact, yesterday, I managed two 1:00 planks in a row at home.

I can tell from sessions with my trainer that he is pushing me harder because I am stronger. I can handle more.

I look forward to the journey the next year will take me on.  To getting in to a schedule, to continue to form habits, to making sure I get workouts or runs in while on travel, to not getting lazy or letting winter win.

I look forward to the continued support of my loving social media family here on the blog, on twitter and on instagram!  Keep the love coming and I’ll be sure to send some support when you need it to 🙂

peanuts winter



My Lungs Hate Me

Since the United NYC Half Marathon, sadly, I have only gone on two runs.

Sunday I decided to get up, get out, enjoy the spring weather that has finally arrived – for this week at least.

I went down to the Long Beach Boardwalk to run, for the first time ever. It’s something I’ve talked about doing since I started running about two years ago.  FINALLY I managed to get myself down there.


The new boardwalk is fabulous.  Superstorm Sandy in 2012 totally demolished the boardwalk.  With hard work and determination, the boardwalk was re-built by the 1 year IMAG3000anniversary.  I’ve biked the boardwalk since, but this was my first run.

As much as I loved getting out there, being on the boardwalk, near the beach, seeing and hearing the ocean around me.  There is no better atmosphere then to be at that in a gorgeous sunny 60 degree day. That part made me happy.

What made me a bit sad was that my lungs were not nearly as happy.  I struggled quite a bit.  The wind wasn’t to bad, a easterly wind so at my back when I ran east and of course running in to it, just to make my lungs work harder.

My splits were not good.  A total of 2.23 miles in 30 minutes.  Clearly consistency is key to keeping your lungs from hating you, to help your lungs grow stronger to make you a better runner.

After the run, I went down to sit in the sand at the water’s edge just to enjoy the joy that is living on the coast, by the water, in perfect spring weather.
IMAG2987 IMAG2989

Here’s hoping I can get my ass out to the door at least three more times before next Sunday’s More/Fitness Half Marathon!!

Finding Your Inspiration

she believed she couldLately I have discovered that I have become my own form of inspiration and motivation.

I started running two years ago.
I also visited a doctor to figure out why my lungs were giving me such hassles even 5 months after I started running.
5 months after the first visit the final results were in – I was out of shape….even 10 months after I started running 2-4 times a week.

Well, its been two years since I started running.
My lungs aren’t quite where I would be happy with, but they are considerably better then where they were.

You see, I have run 3 half marathons in the past two years, improving my times with each race.
I have ran 5 5Ks in the past two years, improving my times with each race.

I battled a hip injury for nearly 5 months last year that prevented me from running. I didn’t let it me stop and did cross training and strength training while I was unable to run.

I found myself getting stronger.  Physically it has been slow going, but mentally, I am pretty good shape.  I refuse to give in the weakened parts of my body, instead letting the stronger parts shine brighter.

Just because there is an obstacle in your way, doesn’t mean you can’t find the goal you are working towards, you may just need to find another path to get you there.

My trainer likes to remind me how far I have come since my very first session with him a little over a year ago.  When exercises that are somewhat simple now, had me nearly passing out then.  When having me doing a strength/cardio circuit was unthinkable, now its a matter of how hard can he make the circuit.  Its become a game with us – him challenging me and me showing him I can do it.

Next up is the NYC Half Marathon in 3 weeks with a 3 hour time limit.  My previous half, the Miami Half Marathon a little over a year ago was finished in 3:09:40.  According to the pace I have been running of late, I should be able to blow that time out of the water.  I have been running at roughly at 12:30/mi pace – good enough to get me across that finish line before the 3 hour time is up.  That is all I ask for – finish within the time limit.

I have inspired and motivated myself this far, what’s three more weeks!
Though, I will NEVER discount the helpful inspiration and motivation you, my on-line social media community provide as well….that is some thing one will always need!

2015 Goals: To Join Half Fanatics!

2015 game time

Well, it’s official – this year I am aiming to join the Half Fanatics!

As you know, I am already set to run the 2015 NYC Half Marathon with American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation team (we are 8 weeks out from race, still time to get your donation in!).

Well, as of yesterday, I am all set to run the Philly Love Run two weeks later!

Not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about this.  In 2013, my first year running and racing, I did 3 races in 6 weeks: Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon September 1, Rock ‘n Roll Providence September 29 and Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn 10K October 12.

My feet were mad at me after VB (blistered and bruised toe nails!), my IT band was even more angry with me after Prov, by the time BK came around, I was sore, uncomfortable, and of course, dealing with a  sinus infection. But of course, I went out there and ran, it was BROOKLYN! It was a local-ish race, there was no way I was missing it.

After my Miami Half Marathon February 2, 2014, I was sore again, but it wasn’t till month later then I was down for the count with hip issues.

Needless to say, my race history leaves little to be desired. This year I have been training right, actually following a plan, mostly to the letter to (give or a take a modification to time or an unanticipated rest day – I usually make up for that).

I am hoping, fingers crossed, wishing on stars, eyelashes, 11:11, anything that I finish the NYC Half in good shape (even getting a new PR) so that I can enjoy the Love Run – 15 days later!

Last year was the first year this race was ran. It sold out. I have heard good things about the race, about the organization, and of course, about the PERKS! You get a medal, a long sleeve tee, a coffee mug – I mean really, what more does a runner want 🙂

There are a few races I’m eyeing in April also: NYCRuns Queens Half Marathon April 12 and/or More/Fitness Half Marathon April 19.  I would LOVE to do both, but I guess I should see how my body deals with the NYC Half first right?

Do I just suck it up, register for both now, or wait to see how I feel post race in March?

Such a dilemma – but a dilemma I would take over not being able to run anything (like last spring!).

Question of the blog:
What are you race goals for 2015?

Sneaker Fail: Trying to Shop By Myself


Since I started running two years ago, I’ve been a pick supporter of going to your running store, get fitted, by the sneakers they recommend.

I’ve been religiously doing this for two years, every time I need new runners.

This year the running store (Runner’s Edge) realized I had been placed in the wrong shoe last year. Seems there is a fine line between pro-nation and running slightly pigeon toed!

This year I was placed in Asics Cumulus and then Mizuno Wave Rider. I seemed to have killed the Cumulus in under 5 months! Once I fixed my lacing on the Wave Riders, my feet are extremely happy! But I have been wanting a second pair to alternate runs with.

So, around christmas time I was at the outlet stores. Asics was having an amazing deal – by one pair, get a second 50%.  I was placed in a pair of Asics earlier in the year, so I talked to those at the store about the pair I was placed in, and which other pair would give me the same type as what I had.

Well, that failed miserably. I left the store with two pairs of sneakers, GT-2000s. I loved the look of them, my feet felt secure in them, I was happy.

25 days later I was back at the store returning them.
I bought the wrong type.

I was at the Running Store with a friend (who listened to me and let me take her to get fitted!). I thought I would ask them if the seekers are the reason my ankle has been bothering me again (I was in a boot 5 years ago cause I bought the wrong sneakers).

He agreed with my assessment, the sneakers were the culprit. The GT-2000s were a vastly different type of sneaker then the Cumulus 16.

So for now I shall happily run in my Wave Riders. Hopefully they will last me until April – birthday present time!

Lesson Learned: don’t try to shop without finding out what type of sneaker you need, even if you have to get a list from all the brands!

Training Log: Challenge Yourself


My treadmill at home is stuck at a 1.5 incline.  To some this may be nothing, to me, it’s everything. I HATE hills, I try to avoid them at all costs, I tend to walk them in races.

My treadmill is forcing me to face this issue. It WANTS me to work hills. I live in a relatively flat area, so running outside offers me zero hill work.

I have found I am more and more intrigued my new training partner. He won’t take no for an answer, he forces me to do things I really don’t want to do, challenges me with each run.

My training calendar says 3-4 miles or 40-45 minutes today.  I can handle that. I can do 40-45 minutes on the ‘mill.  Heck, I did 50 minutes on Monday (3.5 miles).

I look at this new training partner as a challenge. When I first started running inside about two weeks ago, I was quickly discovered I had to go back down to 90 second run/walk intervals (I was up to 2:30/90 back in November) because of this added incline. I discovered I was running my 90 second at a 4.7 speed (also considerable slower then my outside pace).

However, I took this challenge on. I let my body tell me what’s working, whats not, what it can handle.  This week I have increased to a 4.8-5.0 speed! I am up to 3 miles in roughly 42 minutes (also considerably slower then outside….I was doing 5k’s in about 36-38 minutes outside, before the cold hit).

Needless to say, my challenge to myself, get to the 5.0 speed as frequently as I can, for as long as I can hold it – while sticking to the 90 second run/walk.

When training for a race, I find, aside from having the race as my goal, I need little challenges as I run, go a further distance, run faster, increase my run interval, ect. Until it warms up, whenever I inside at home, my challenge is to win the treadmill incline battle of 2015 – each and every time!

Less then two months till NYC Half Marathon, don’t forget to donate. 🙂