Can One Have Too Many Hobbies?

Over the years I have had numerous hobbies.  In HS I started collected quotes. Somewhere I even still have the journals I wrote them down in – I think I had 4 by the time college was over!)

Since I was little I have loved reading. I like to pick authors who write series books – they have one character and stick with them on a long journey over numerous books. What can I say, I get invested. Then I get sad when the story ends. I get even sadder when I know its a standalone.

I enjoy watching TV. Who doesn’t like watching drama’s, or even a mindless dramady.  I am not afraid to put it out there, some of my favorite shows are (or were) on the CW or ABCFamily Channel.  I even still watch General Hospital. I mean, who doesn’t love being able to shut down their real world or the make believe land presented on the TV screen?

I also enjoy listening to music. I love picking out lyrics that mean something, whether they have relevancy now or in my past, or could have in the future, I store them away for usage later.

I am also a bit fanatical about the New York Rangers. I am counting down the days until pre-season hockey starts up (48 more days!).  I try to watch as many games as I can, I read the game reports, I follow trades, standing changes.  Some may say I obsess a bit, but I’m a New York hockey fan, we take that seriously!

Of course, I also love to run and workout.  Not going to lie, this has been a rough 5 months with my lack of ability to do much of either. Turns out I can run, as long as my neck is taped, something I never had to worry about before. I still cannot lift anything above my head or carry on my shoulder, so that limits many other exercises I can do.

There is also my love of travel. Yes, to me this is a hobby because I have goals associated with it. I want to visit all 50 states (if I can run a half in each, well, two birds, one race!).  I want to see as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as I can. I wan to gather stamps in my passport.  This is a hobby, its something I want to do, it’s something I enjoy doing, it’s not something I am required to do, its my choice.

So again I ask, can someone have to many hobbies? Sometimes it’s hard to find time to work on all my hobbies.  Sometimes it’s tough to be able to afford them all.  My DVR often gets backed up because I would rather be running or reading then watching TV.  Sometimes I have a list of movies I want to see but never got a chance to see them in the theatre. When that happens I get sad because without video stores, it’s getting harder and harder to locate a movie that was released 6, 9, 13 months ago!

What are you favorite hobbies?


#fitspiration + #morningmotivation

It’s a known thing that not all fitness inspiration is created equal……nor is it all appreciated the same.

I love quotes. As a teenage, I collected them in journals that I carried with me everywhere. Be it something from a  fortune cookie or a TV/Movie character, a line from a book or something generally inspirational, I wrote it down.

So it makes total sense to me, for me, to love fitness motivational and inspirational quotes.  It’s the little things that help keep you going when you don’t feel like leaving the warmth of your bed to venture out in to the brutal winter temperatures.

Some of the quote images you see online have sparked some fitness world controversy. Some people view these images and words as the negative motivation. They show super skinny people, not always showing healthy fit folks.  They don’t show off the muscles all the time.

To each their own right? Your view of these images doesn’t affect my need for them. It just motivates me to use them more frequently, to find words in front of positive images – a pair of running shoes, the gear we wear, a runner in snow, holding some weights (maybe more then the 5 lb one!), or maybe it’s just a treadmill, bench press or an open road. To me the words on the image are what is most important – now the picture behind it.

Using these fitspiration images keep me going, they help me break out of those bad mental battle days. Pick the right words, nothing else should matter.

Keep posting your favorite motivational or inspirational quotes and images, it helps those who need it, those who don’t will find ways to criticize regardless…..

Question of the day:
What is your favorite fitquotes or fitspiration? Post it below, or the link!

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Happy Feet

IMG_45761498679004I’ve been ‘running’ in my Asics Cumulus 16 since April.  I stuck running in quotes for a reason.  I bought the shoes, had one run and 4 hours days later was at the orthopedist.  I finally gave in, I realized that my hip was more than something two weeks of resting would fix.

It took nearly 2.5 months until I was running with somewhat regularity. It was very slow going getting back up the milage.  I’m still working on it.  But my feet were happy.  My hip was healing, my feet were good, ankles and knees were in sync.  Things were coming around.

I loved my Asics. I feel they played a huge part in my healing.

But about 3-4 weeks ago, my feet starting bothering me. When I say my feet, I mean the bottoms of my feet, mostly around the ball of my foot, not so much the heel.  To me that knocked out Plantar Fasciits which is “one of the most common causes of heel pain” (as described by the Mayo Clinic).

So that left me with the shoes.  I wasn’t on my feet all that much during the day, but when I was, it mostly was in my sneakers. As I wasn’t yet up to running 3-4 days a week for distance, I was running for time.  I was doing a slow increase of my time based off my run/walk intervals, so I wanted to keep my feet consistent and not change up my sneakers just because I was out running errands instead of running miles.

I went down to my favorite local running store, Runner’s Edge in Farmingdale, NY to get a second opinion.  Because my thoughts may be false.  I thought maybe the shoes were dying.  It had been close to 6 months, with at least 3 months of fairly consistent running of one form or another.

They agreed, the shoe was dying. It wasn’t yet fully dead, but it was time to start thinking of another new pair.  So I got refitted.  This time my foot fell for the new Mizuno Wave Rider 18!  Of course, just like many of my fellow runners who have these new shoes, I bought them in Black/Silver/Florida Keys. I tied them on, my feet felt secure, they felt comfortable. My toes has room in the two box, while my heel felt stable enough to keep me balanced. They were tight enough where I felt my body would stay in alignment, again, anything to keep my knee and hip injuries from flaring again.  I was happily hooked.

I’ve had the shoes for about a week and half now.  I’ve had two runs in them, one 3.1 mile walk, and numerous errands ran.  My feet are coming around. The bottoms of them hurt less throughout the day. My runs are as consistent as they were in the Asics which makes me happy.  It tells me that on snowy or rainy days I can still use the Asics for runs.  That I can keep them to wear as my errand running sneaker without causing much damage to my feet.

Running Question of the Day:
What shoe makes your feet most happy?

Finding My Groove Again

First one out door

My last run was on Thursday.  That was four days ago.  I promised myself I would run on Saturday morning, but something stopped me.  I can no longer remember what it was, but I remember promising myself I would run on Sunday instead.  To me this made sense.

Sunday came around and I did not run. I wasn’t feeling 100%.  My allergies had taken over.  The congestion was annoying.  I used that as an excuse.  Not a very good one, but an excuse nonetheless.  I also then promised myself I would run on Monday.

I HAD to run this morning.  I have my first race (a 5K) in nearly 8 months.  My last race was the Miami Half Marathon in February.  It was about a month after that race that my hip started bothering me.  Now 8 months later, my hip is starting to feel good again (shhhh, don’t wanna jinx it).

I am glad I ran this morning.  I am thrilled I get one of the two promises I made myself this weekend.  I am ecstatic about my results from this morning.  I think I am ready for Sunday!

The temperature this morning was about 72 degrees when I left for my ran.  The sky was slightly cloud covered.  The air was sticky and muggy.  My motivation was at 100% as was my determination to conquer my next set of benchmarks.

I am doing 90 second intervals.  90 seconds run, 90 second walk.  I have been toying with the idea of increasing those to 2 mins run, 90 second walk, but thinking I should wait until after my Diva’s 5K on sunday to play around with that.

Based on my intervals, every 2-3 runs I have been increasing by 3 minutes.  Well, I was supposed to increase by 3 minutes.  Last Thursday I jumped from 21 minutes to 25 minus (I wanted to hit 2 miles).  Meaning today should have been either another 24 minutes session or a 27 minute session.  Well, I jumped again.  I went for 30 minutes.

I probably should have listened to the fatigue by body was feeling and stopped at 27 minutes, but I figured, how much damage could another 3 minutes do?  I am stoked that I pushed through for those last 3-5 minutes as my numbers were terrific.  30:01 minutes = 2.38 miles!  However, that feeling of passing out, not so much fun afterwards.

But I did it.  I hit new personal records in training since I resumed running in late June early July!  I feel pumped that I can finish the 5k in under 40 minutes to give me a new 5K PR.  I feel that if I can remember this happiness that the mental upheaval I’ve been battling will easily be overcome.

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