Sneaker Fail: Trying to Shop By Myself


Since I started running two years ago, I’ve been a pick supporter of going to your running store, get fitted, by the sneakers they recommend.

I’ve been religiously doing this for two years, every time I need new runners.

This year the running store (Runner’s Edge) realized I had been placed in the wrong shoe last year. Seems there is a fine line between pro-nation and running slightly pigeon toed!

This year I was placed in Asics Cumulus and then Mizuno Wave Rider. I seemed to have killed the Cumulus in under 5 months! Once I fixed my lacing on the Wave Riders, my feet are extremely happy! But I have been wanting a second pair to alternate runs with.

So, around christmas time I was at the outlet stores. Asics was having an amazing deal – by one pair, get a second 50%.  I was placed in a pair of Asics earlier in the year, so I talked to those at the store about the pair I was placed in, and which other pair would give me the same type as what I had.

Well, that failed miserably. I left the store with two pairs of sneakers, GT-2000s. I loved the look of them, my feet felt secure in them, I was happy.

25 days later I was back at the store returning them.
I bought the wrong type.

I was at the Running Store with a friend (who listened to me and let me take her to get fitted!). I thought I would ask them if the seekers are the reason my ankle has been bothering me again (I was in a boot 5 years ago cause I bought the wrong sneakers).

He agreed with my assessment, the sneakers were the culprit. The GT-2000s were a vastly different type of sneaker then the Cumulus 16.

So for now I shall happily run in my Wave Riders. Hopefully they will last me until April – birthday present time!

Lesson Learned: don’t try to shop without finding out what type of sneaker you need, even if you have to get a list from all the brands!


Happy Feet

IMG_45761498679004I’ve been ‘running’ in my Asics Cumulus 16 since April.  I stuck running in quotes for a reason.  I bought the shoes, had one run and 4 hours days later was at the orthopedist.  I finally gave in, I realized that my hip was more than something two weeks of resting would fix.

It took nearly 2.5 months until I was running with somewhat regularity. It was very slow going getting back up the milage.  I’m still working on it.  But my feet were happy.  My hip was healing, my feet were good, ankles and knees were in sync.  Things were coming around.

I loved my Asics. I feel they played a huge part in my healing.

But about 3-4 weeks ago, my feet starting bothering me. When I say my feet, I mean the bottoms of my feet, mostly around the ball of my foot, not so much the heel.  To me that knocked out Plantar Fasciits which is “one of the most common causes of heel pain” (as described by the Mayo Clinic).

So that left me with the shoes.  I wasn’t on my feet all that much during the day, but when I was, it mostly was in my sneakers. As I wasn’t yet up to running 3-4 days a week for distance, I was running for time.  I was doing a slow increase of my time based off my run/walk intervals, so I wanted to keep my feet consistent and not change up my sneakers just because I was out running errands instead of running miles.

I went down to my favorite local running store, Runner’s Edge in Farmingdale, NY to get a second opinion.  Because my thoughts may be false.  I thought maybe the shoes were dying.  It had been close to 6 months, with at least 3 months of fairly consistent running of one form or another.

They agreed, the shoe was dying. It wasn’t yet fully dead, but it was time to start thinking of another new pair.  So I got refitted.  This time my foot fell for the new Mizuno Wave Rider 18!  Of course, just like many of my fellow runners who have these new shoes, I bought them in Black/Silver/Florida Keys. I tied them on, my feet felt secure, they felt comfortable. My toes has room in the two box, while my heel felt stable enough to keep me balanced. They were tight enough where I felt my body would stay in alignment, again, anything to keep my knee and hip injuries from flaring again.  I was happily hooked.

I’ve had the shoes for about a week and half now.  I’ve had two runs in them, one 3.1 mile walk, and numerous errands ran.  My feet are coming around. The bottoms of them hurt less throughout the day. My runs are as consistent as they were in the Asics which makes me happy.  It tells me that on snowy or rainy days I can still use the Asics for runs.  That I can keep them to wear as my errand running sneaker without causing much damage to my feet.

Running Question of the Day:
What shoe makes your feet most happy?