Sadness and Happiness; Bad News and New Beginnings

run dwarfsI know I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been dealing with things.

At the end of May my insurance denied continued no-fault benefits from being rear ended back in March.  I am angry, frustrated, mad, sad, piss-off. I got depressed; I went in to a injuryfunk.

Just 4 days prior my ortho had just said that we would keep up the PT and Med Massage while allowing me to pick up my other fitness activities (kickboxing, full body circuit training, pilates, ect) because I was starting to feel better finally. I was starting to feel myself again, at least fitness wise. I was ready, eager, antsy, to get moving in my training.

Then the letter came.  DENIED.

I tried running.  I tried to move forward with beginning my full body training again.  But it didn’t go smoothly.  After two weeks, my neck was hurting, I was in pain again. At times it felt as bad as it did those first 9 days!

I discovered that I could not carry my laptop on my right shoulder (I am a righty). I discovered that even carrying a backpack on both shoulders would be uncomfortable a lot quicker than normal.  I could barely put a plate full of food in the microwave without it twinging.  Heck, taking off my sports bra one night left me tears again.

I found a temporary solution to allow me to run further than 1.5 miles at a time, but its just that, a temporary solution, a stop gap if you will, because I DO NOT want to have to wear KT Tape or Rock Tape on my neck for the rest of my life.

It really is a life saver the tape.  I will keep it on for 3-4 days at at time which allows me to not just run almost pain free, but do some every day tasks as well.

It is quite a timely find as on top of that noticed being received, I started going through an interview process for a new job.  This is a job I had found online, asked my brother-in-law to see if he could pass my resume along through HR (he works for a branch of the same company).

Well, he went on a vacation before he could find a way to pass it along. While I was dr suesswaiting for him, an HR Recruiter found me on LinkedIn and 5 weeks later I started with that company!  This is a full time meeting planner job (get ready for a lot of #lifeofameetingplanner hastags on my instagram and twitter!) remotely employment.

This is still helpful in dealing with recovery as I have the ability to move to the couch from the table when my neck is bothering me to much.  However, it also means a bunch more travel (something I am THRILLED about), but as I recently discovered from some travel – both business and personal – I have taken recently, I cannot carry anything heavy on my right side.  I won’t even be able to put any bag in the overhead bin.

But that aside, for the first time in a long time, I look forward to monday again. I am so excited where this job will take me.  Professionally –  I hope to grow more as a meeting planner, hopefully roam throughout the company, expand on meeting types I excel at, AND around the world to feed my travel addictions to see everything.

As a runner, I hope to be able to extend a trip here and there and run a race wherever I am, domestically and internationally (side note, anyone know where I can search races internationally?).

I hope your Monday is shining bright!!
Dream Sparkle Shine


What If I Can’t Run Anymore?

It’s September.  My hip has been causing issues with my running since March.  I missed four races this year already (only one of which I had paid the reg fee).  I am about to cancel a registration for a refund on a fifth race.

I am determined to run the Diva’s 5k the first weekend in October.  My goal is get in at least a 2 mile run by the week prior.  That gives me a little more then 2 weeks to accomplish this.

I spend a lot of time attempting to figure out what races I should or could run and when I have the time for them.  I am determined to run a half in the NYC/Long Island area soon.  I want to achieve the goal of joining the 50 States Half Marathon Club.  I want to beat my previous race times.  I want to get more medals.  I want to partake in more race series challenges.

I want to keep running.
I need to keep running.

Will my hip let me.

It makes me severely sad just thinking that maybe, potentially, my Diva’s 5k could be my last race.  It’s barely been two years since I started running, since I started thinking of myself as an athlete again.

What if I can’t keep running? What if…….

Where It matters

How Do You Keep Going?

It’s been 6 months since my hip starting hurting.  It’s been almost 5 months since the ortho doc said bursitis.  It’s been 2 months since insurance said you do not need anymore PT.  It’s been one week since I had the most awesomest acurpressure massage on my hip area.  Yet, through all that, my hip is still bugging me.

Last Friday I forced myself (yes I just used the word FORCED) to go to the gym for a small work out. I did 15 minutes on the rower instead of my usual 20.  I then did one upper body circuit and called it a day.  Since then I have been feeling under the weather.  I let that feeling get the best of me and did not work out since.

This morning, finally feeling a bit better, I told myself I need to get back out there.  I need to get a run in.  I have a 5k – Diva’s Race (first race since injury) in less than a month.  So far I have not run further then 2 miles!

This morning I managed .8 before my legs gave out.  Literally gave out.  They felt weak and tired.  I started to drag my feet.  I wasn’t feeling well.  I let that win out again.

However, my times weren’t bad.  Last Wednesday I ran 1 mile for the first time in over two weeks.  My time was 12:35.  Today I ran .8 with a time of 10:08.  According to my Garmin Forerunner 10 (find me samtravels20) my mile split would have been 12:40.  I felt happy, even though my body felt trained.  I was still within the same times I was in last week.

But who do I fight this feeling of being down because my body won’t let me run.  How do I know it’s just body and not just being beat down mentally because my hip still bugs out after runs?

How do you keep yourself going when you feel like giving up?

sometimes running sucks

Training From Scratch

cute_turtle_cartoon_slow_and_steady_wins_the_race_plate-r8c1ff7fd8afe4dc0aa2843496870d3a6_ambb0_8byvr_512I am now closing in on a week post doctor release.  This means keeping up with the approved training.  This means finding exercises that won’t cause the bursitis to act up again.

That means realizing my limitations.  It also means realizing my potential.

First item up in terms of my running is to retrain.  First we checked my cadence.  I have frequently tried to manage what my cadence is, however, I always lose track of counting my steps.  My trainer suggested I count for just one foot, he would then be able to calculate if I am on track or way off base from that.  Seems, my cadence is pretty spot on!  Now, many just need to find more songs that fit the 180 BPM!

We are also working on my stride.  I was running by placing my foot in front of my knee/hip instead of under it.  My main goal for right now is simply work on shortening my stride, smaller steps.  This has proven, while not tricky per se, slightly uncomfortable as my shins and my calves are being retrained as well!

While I get in my outside runs to clock my time ran, distance and stride, we are also doing strength training and cross training to help combat the possibility of any future injury.  Last fall I battled IT band issues after my second half marathon (Rock ‘n Roll Providence 2013).

So far, I have run a 90 second walk/run interval for my past two run this week.  I have increased in the 10 days from a 60 second walk/run interval to a 75 second walk/run interval to this one.

IMG_20140716_111018 IMG_20140718_202326 IMG_20140720_095824

I will be keeping up with that pace for a while.  My legs get a bit fatigued.  My lungs feel like they are giving up.  For now I will stick that interval pace while increasing my time out running and the distance I am going instead of increasing my pace.

This is relatively easy between the mapmyrun app (find me at samtravels20) and my Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS unit.  The Forerunner 10 has a run/walk setting, since I am not doing Couch to 5K this go around but listening to my body, the run/walk setting lets me increase the interval as my body allows!

My motto for the next little while is “slow and steady” – this reminds me that I am competing only against myself thus letting me increase and improve when my body is ready.


Training – What’s My Goal?

So, back from my trips (Chicago, Dallas) and back in the gym training.  But the question now is what am I training for?

I finished PT last week.  I was sent on my merry way being told, keep doing the exercises we worked on here, keep increasing your running time (don’t focus on the distance yet).  I go back to the doctor in two days – fingers crossed he says the tightness I’m still feeling will go away as I continue to workout.

But the question is, what am I training for now?  I am registered for the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas “Strip at Night” in November.  My trainer says I won’t be able to run even a 5k for at least 3 months…..we are focusing on my form, cadence, steps, etc to help avoid injury during my next race.

I was hoping to do the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge, but registration was today.  The challenge is already sold out.  I am not surprised by this, I know these are big races, the crowds are huge for the, but still a bit sad.

I didn’t register for it at noon when registration opened because we (my trainer and I) wanted to give it a bit of time where we are just focusing on getting back to where I was pre-injury.

But the question now, if I am not doing the Glass Slipper Challenge in February, what half marathon race am I going to run in the January / February timeframe? (Perferably in a warm climate).  This is most likely the earliest I’ll physically be in a place to run a half without risk of injury, but I also want my first race back to be fun, to be exciting, to be enjoyable, to have an interesting medal (yes, I like the bling factor).  So I reach out to you, my running community to help me figure out what my race goal will be?

Aside from RunDisney and the Rock ‘n Roll Series, I only know of the 13.1 series and the Divas series.  What other race series are out there that offer good, fun race experiences? That offer challenges within their series (or particular race weekend)? That leave people talking about the good times and nice course they just ran?

Or am I asking to much of a half marathon?



What do you do when injured?

How do you cope when injury takes you away from races you had lined up?

So, upon my return from SA, I attempted to not let jet lag beat me down.  To help with this, I scheduled sessions with my trainer.  I also vowed to let the running take me however many miles it would.  You see, I ran in the Miami Half Marathon on February 2, but did not run again until my return from SA!

I returned on a Friday morning.  I had family activities booked all weekend long.  I promised myself I would take those three days to recoup from the travels.  I promised that Monday morning I would be at the gym.  And I did just that!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday of that first week home I was at the gym training again.  I ran on the treadmill for close to 10 miles that week.  I had two sessions with my trainer that week.  Saturday I went to the driving range with my cousin.  It was the second weekend in March and a cool 60+ degrees outside so we took advantage.

While at the driving range however, I noticed my hip was hurting.  I didn’t really think much of it.  It had been bugging me after our flight TO SA so I figured it’s just still a bit tweaked from the from back from SA.

Two weeks later, the weather was cooperating, so feeling better (both from having the flu and my hip) I ventured outside for a run.  I barely ran 1 mile before my hip yelled, rather loudly, for me to stop.  I limped my way home after that.  Begrudgingly, I listened to my hip. I rested it for about two and a half weeks again, but still not enough time.  My next attempt at run left me barely able to limp home.

Yes, you get the picture.  I’m stubborn.  It took me nearly 6 weeks, but I finally went to the doctor.  Bursitis!  No running for another 6 weeks!  Start PT ASAP.

Now, for those who don’t know, I am a freelance meeting planner. I go where the work takes me.  Usually, as was the case from October 2013 – June 2014, I travel a fair amount.  Well, bursitis and sitting in airplanes don’t exactly mesh well.  PT and traveling don’t match up much either.  But off I went to heal myself….

Along the way I managed to miss 4 races.  Thankfully I had only registered for one as I wasn’t entirely sure work wouldn’t get in the way of the other three, but they were still on the radar.  I wanted to run, for the second year in a row, the JFK Runway 5K, but the injury prevented it.  I wanted to run the 10K as part of the Brooklyn 15K as my birthday race (as it was on my actual birthday!)  I also wanted to run my race during the Long Island Marathon Weekend – injury aside, work did come up for that weekend anyway.  My friend and I were also going to try running the Toronto Women’s Series Half Marathon.

So, patiently (which I am not good at) I have been waiting for the OK from the doc to resume training……hopefully this will come soon!