NYC Half Marathon Training Log: Catch Up 2

a-one-hour-workout-is-4-of-your-day-no-excuses-430854Ok, Ok, I get it, I’ve been slacking in my posts – for that I sincerely apologize!

Life has gotten a bit crazy!  I started my new job last Monday, there was a lot of figuring out of hows to do’s, new projects to be worked on, organizing to be done.

As most of my job is done remotely, I was able to make a quick, last minute decision to actually go, trip down to MD for a friends good-bye party as she is moving to Cali next week for a new job! Looks like me and my friends like starting the new year off with new adventures!

Even with all the craziness that was going, I may not have blogged, but I did run!  I mean, if I had to choose, sorry friends, I choose following my training my plan. 🙂

Dec 31/Jan 1 – Ran the New Years Eve Dash 5K at Eisenhower Park
Jan 1 – Rest day instead of run day, legs felt jello-y in the morning…
Jan 2 – Actual rest day per the calendar, legs still felt off (way to cold for my body to have run outside on NYE)
Jan 3- Walked .5 as a warm-up; ran 3.31 in 45 minutes (outside). This was supposed to be a rest day, but I rested the day prior so I ran today.
Jan 4 – Ran 3.16 miles in 40 minutes (outside)
Jan 6 – Ran 3 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill that is stuck at 1.5 incline. Had to drastically reduce my MPH and my run/walk interval to compensate for the added incline – I rarely have done hill work so my legs weren’t up to par yet…
Jan 7 – Cross Train day at the gym. Did 5 minutes on the rower, my hip sometimes doesn’t like when I do this machine so I had stopped, but am going to slowly get back in to it. Also did 6.4 miles in 30 minutes on the bike. Added some strength training to that after.
Jan 8 – Ran 3 miles in 42:32 minutes on the treadmill with the 1.5 incline
Jan 9 – Rest day + Travel day. Spent the majority of my day traveling from Long Island to Maryland via train and bus. Lucky, the bus had working Wifi so I was able to still work! Another remote worker perk.
Jan 10 – Promised myself I would still get my Saturday run in, so down to my friends gym I went. Ran 2 miles in 24:30 minutes. No forced incline so I challenged myself in other ways. I ran 1 mile without walking in 11:44 minutes, continued running for a total of 1.3 miles in 15 minutes without walking!
Jan 11 – again, due to travel and visiting my nephew, changed up the schedule as Sunday became a rest day.
Jan 12 – as I rested yesterday, I ran today: 3.5 miles in 50:47 minutes! I battled the treadmill and won. When I started I said I’d run to 3 miles, as that came up, I said I’d run to 45 minutes, as that came and went I said I’d run to 3.5 miles. I maybe could have gone a bit further, but I opted not to push myself as I have a run today as well!

Hopefully I will be back on track between working, training, travel that I will keep up the posts!  Now that I have started working again, a bit more of the travel posts will start creeping on in again – that makes me happy!

Hope you are keeping up your New Year’s goals!


What If I Can’t Run Anymore?

It’s September.  My hip has been causing issues with my running since March.  I missed four races this year already (only one of which I had paid the reg fee).  I am about to cancel a registration for a refund on a fifth race.

I am determined to run the Diva’s 5k the first weekend in October.  My goal is get in at least a 2 mile run by the week prior.  That gives me a little more then 2 weeks to accomplish this.

I spend a lot of time attempting to figure out what races I should or could run and when I have the time for them.  I am determined to run a half in the NYC/Long Island area soon.  I want to achieve the goal of joining the 50 States Half Marathon Club.  I want to beat my previous race times.  I want to get more medals.  I want to partake in more race series challenges.

I want to keep running.
I need to keep running.

Will my hip let me.

It makes me severely sad just thinking that maybe, potentially, my Diva’s 5k could be my last race.  It’s barely been two years since I started running, since I started thinking of myself as an athlete again.

What if I can’t keep running? What if…….

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