Winter Treadmill Miles

When I first started running, nearly 3 years ago, I loved running on the treadmill.  So much so that I dreaded the thought of running outside. treadmillI didn’t care how gorgeous it was outside, I would head to the gym, hop on the treadmill and get my miles in.

Then I started running races and realized outside running is quite nice.

Now I find myself facing a dilemma – I now dread the treadmill.

How do I motivate myself to get to the gym, get those miles in when its cold, dark and I don’t want to leave the house. (I should qualify with the fact that I work from home so after spending 8 hours sitting in the warmth of my house…….).

I am signed up for the 2016 NYC Half Marathon, so I have a training goal in place already, but that hasn’t made it any easier to get myself out the door.

lapping the couchI get up each morning, most days I put on the gym clothes, figuring thats half the battle – but it doesn’t always solve the pull of moving directly from my desk to the couch without a second though.

How do you find the motivation / inspiration to get on the treadmill and run those winter miles?


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