Another Wonderful Maryland Weekend (Friends & ADPi)

IMAG3034This past weekend my sorority at the University of Maryland College Park celebrated its 75th anniversary on campus!  Big deal right?  Many of us thought so as we arranged our schedules to attend the reunion/celebration.

IMG_20150423_091246I started by heading down on Wednesday so I could visit with some of my friends from my time living down there.  I left around 6:00am, just as the sun was rising.

The drive down wasn’t to bad, until I approached exit 32 on the I-95 approach to the DC Beltway. From there it took me nearly an hour to drive something that with little to no traffic should have taken me about 20-25 minutes.  Needless to say, my lack of patience with traffic for no reason rear its ugly head and I started yelling for no reason. Not my finest moment – but I had already been in my car driving for nearly 4 hours, I was done.

The day went by rather smoothly, until I went to move car for the third time (damn 2-hour parking limits by my friends apartment). I discovered a ticket on my car!  I was so mad, I mean, I went out every 2 hours to move my car all day, yet I still got a ticket.  Turns out they have zoned the entire street the same zone. I kept moving my car within the same zone.  I did not see any of these zone signs, only the time limit signs. Also, this was the only street that had ANY spots on it. I drove around 15 minutes at one point to no avail.  Stupid.

I did get a pretty picture of some blossoming trees.  Something we are sorely missing up here on Long Island.  This cold winter has lingered so much a majority of our trees have not yet bloomed. So much for a pretty spring (though my allergies are content).
IMG_20150423_160009Wednesday night my friends and I went to one of the bars in Bethesda so I could happily watch the Rangers take game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in overtime against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Thursday was more of the same, some relaxing, some working, just enjoying being in Maryland.  That night we did a girls dinner.  This was a monthly tradition a few of us started a little more than 3 years ago.  It has since fallen to whenever we can make it happen (frequently when I manage to visit) as life has gotten in the way. But it was great to see my girls again. We were missing a couple, but a good gathering none the less.

I voted to go to one of my favorite little Pizza joints in Bethesda, Mia’s Pizza (check the menu here).  They have a nice assorted of Italian flare, mostly your basics with some culinary additions to spice up the dishes a bit and test our your taste buds.  I tend to stick with the Magherita Pizza (I do have food allergies after all) and I love it.  There was some pizzas ordered, one pasta dish and one eggplant dish ordered and everyone left satisfied.

From there it was on to poker night with some more local friends where I discovered my poker skill are still strong as ever!  This pleased me as I haven’t played poker since November.

IMAG3026Friday the weekend really started.  It was time for REUNION weekend to begin. My friend and I drove up to Baltimore to meet some of our ADPi girls for a quiet dinner.  My friend who lives in Baltimore, and it a bit of a foodie located a lovely restaurant for us.  Bond Street Social is located right on the water, has ample seating inside and when its warmer, a good deal of outdoor seating as well.  I reviewed the menu prior, thought I’d be fine, turns out it was more difficult to find a meal then I anticipated, but in the end they catered to my allergy. I was a wonderful Whole-Wheat Pasta with pan-seared steak and asparagus. It was delicious.

The next morning we went up to the Hampden area for brunch at an adorable place called Woodbury Kitchen.  Very rustic feeling when you enter the place.  Probably because the area around there reminded me a steel or paper mill that is being converted in to condos.  I loved the feel of the street it was on.  Not a very large menu, but definitely something for even the picky eaters.  Again, the food was wonderful and everyone left satified.

We then walked around Hampden for a bit.  A very hipster area. Reminded me of parts of Brooklyn.

From there it was back to DC to prep for the party at the Samuel Riggs Alumni center on campus. It was starting to rain when we arrived at the party, but that didn’t dampen any Sam Pre -Partyspirits. It was TERRIFIC to see so many old friends. So many friends who shaped a probably the best 4 years of my life.

We chatted, we took to many pictures to count, we caught up on lives beyond what is posted on FB, we reminisced, we questioned what was going on with those who weren’t there.  In a way it felt like we were going to just another sorority formal, getting all dressed up, taking pictures.

Of course we had to venture down to Route 1 to hit up two of the bars that still remain from our days in college park!  A little stop at RJ Bentleys, a pop over to Cornerstone.  We even talked (joked?) about going back to the house to make late night nachos!

I finally got back to my friends and passed out around 1:00am only to wake at 7:00am for no reason.  I didn’t have to be back in College Park until 11! But I was equally as excited to go back and see the brand new ADPi house. Nothing is as it was 13 years ago when I left it. I IMAG3040knew they had gutted and re-did the house, it looks wonderful, it’s just not the house I spent 3 fabulous years living in.  But we did find the scrapbook from the year we first pledge ADPi, what a laugh we had looking back through it!

While we were at the house we had the pleasure of meeting a sister who joined back in the early 1950s!  She was so excited to be there, to talk to everyone. She even donated a plate she received at the Centennial celebration for ADPi back in 1951! Talk about memorabilia.  She reminded us how special the bond of sorority sisterhood is.

We toured the new house, explained to some of the newer sisters what it looked like beforehand. The bathrooms in the center of each hallway, we  had some quads not just doubles and triples. It looks nicer, but so different. I think I would have been equally as happy living in this house as I was living in ours, but I would have missed my time in the CLUB 1-5 Quad!

I have a cousin who is in a sorority at college park now, I see some of her pictures with these big wooden letters and I have always thought those who have been fun to have when were in school.  Well, I finally got some pictures with some big wooden ADPi letters! I was happy 🙂

I did make it up to campus for just a bit.  Went to the bookstore to get myself some new gear, and something for the nephew (have to start brainwashing him now!).  I even got to see Testudo and Kermit while up there.
IMAG3069 IMAG3063

Until next time College Park!


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