My Lungs Hate Me

Since the United NYC Half Marathon, sadly, I have only gone on two runs.

Sunday I decided to get up, get out, enjoy the spring weather that has finally arrived – for this week at least.

I went down to the Long Beach Boardwalk to run, for the first time ever. It’s something I’ve talked about doing since I started running about two years ago.  FINALLY I managed to get myself down there.


The new boardwalk is fabulous.  Superstorm Sandy in 2012 totally demolished the boardwalk.  With hard work and determination, the boardwalk was re-built by the 1 year IMAG3000anniversary.  I’ve biked the boardwalk since, but this was my first run.

As much as I loved getting out there, being on the boardwalk, near the beach, seeing and hearing the ocean around me.  There is no better atmosphere then to be at that in a gorgeous sunny 60 degree day. That part made me happy.

What made me a bit sad was that my lungs were not nearly as happy.  I struggled quite a bit.  The wind wasn’t to bad, a easterly wind so at my back when I ran east and of course running in to it, just to make my lungs work harder.

My splits were not good.  A total of 2.23 miles in 30 minutes.  Clearly consistency is key to keeping your lungs from hating you, to help your lungs grow stronger to make you a better runner.

After the run, I went down to sit in the sand at the water’s edge just to enjoy the joy that is living on the coast, by the water, in perfect spring weather.
IMAG2987 IMAG2989

Here’s hoping I can get my ass out to the door at least three more times before next Sunday’s More/Fitness Half Marathon!!


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