Finding Your Inspiration

she believed she couldLately I have discovered that I have become my own form of inspiration and motivation.

I started running two years ago.
I also visited a doctor to figure out why my lungs were giving me such hassles even 5 months after I started running.
5 months after the first visit the final results were in – I was out of shape….even 10 months after I started running 2-4 times a week.

Well, its been two years since I started running.
My lungs aren’t quite where I would be happy with, but they are considerably better then where they were.

You see, I have run 3 half marathons in the past two years, improving my times with each race.
I have ran 5 5Ks in the past two years, improving my times with each race.

I battled a hip injury for nearly 5 months last year that prevented me from running. I didn’t let it me stop and did cross training and strength training while I was unable to run.

I found myself getting stronger.  Physically it has been slow going, but mentally, I am pretty good shape.  I refuse to give in the weakened parts of my body, instead letting the stronger parts shine brighter.

Just because there is an obstacle in your way, doesn’t mean you can’t find the goal you are working towards, you may just need to find another path to get you there.

My trainer likes to remind me how far I have come since my very first session with him a little over a year ago.  When exercises that are somewhat simple now, had me nearly passing out then.  When having me doing a strength/cardio circuit was unthinkable, now its a matter of how hard can he make the circuit.  Its become a game with us – him challenging me and me showing him I can do it.

Next up is the NYC Half Marathon in 3 weeks with a 3 hour time limit.  My previous half, the Miami Half Marathon a little over a year ago was finished in 3:09:40.  According to the pace I have been running of late, I should be able to blow that time out of the water.  I have been running at roughly at 12:30/mi pace – good enough to get me across that finish line before the 3 hour time is up.  That is all I ask for – finish within the time limit.

I have inspired and motivated myself this far, what’s three more weeks!
Though, I will NEVER discount the helpful inspiration and motivation you, my on-line social media community provide as well….that is some thing one will always need!


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