2015 Goals: To Join Half Fanatics!

2015 game time

Well, it’s official – this year I am aiming to join the Half Fanatics!

As you know, I am already set to run the 2015 NYC Half Marathon with American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation team (we are 8 weeks out from race, still time to get your donation in!).

Well, as of yesterday, I am all set to run the Philly Love Run two weeks later!

Not going to lie, I am a bit nervous about this.  In 2013, my first year running and racing, I did 3 races in 6 weeks: Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon September 1, Rock ‘n Roll Providence September 29 and Rock ‘n Roll Brooklyn 10K October 12.

My feet were mad at me after VB (blistered and bruised toe nails!), my IT band was even more angry with me after Prov, by the time BK came around, I was sore, uncomfortable, and of course, dealing with a  sinus infection. But of course, I went out there and ran, it was BROOKLYN! It was a local-ish race, there was no way I was missing it.

After my Miami Half Marathon February 2, 2014, I was sore again, but it wasn’t till month later then I was down for the count with hip issues.

Needless to say, my race history leaves little to be desired. This year I have been training right, actually following a plan, mostly to the letter to (give or a take a modification to time or an unanticipated rest day – I usually make up for that).

I am hoping, fingers crossed, wishing on stars, eyelashes, 11:11, anything that I finish the NYC Half in good shape (even getting a new PR) so that I can enjoy the Love Run – 15 days later!

Last year was the first year this race was ran. It sold out. I have heard good things about the race, about the organization, and of course, about the PERKS! You get a medal, a long sleeve tee, a coffee mug – I mean really, what more does a runner want 🙂

There are a few races I’m eyeing in April also: NYCRuns Queens Half Marathon April 12 and/or More/Fitness Half Marathon April 19.  I would LOVE to do both, but I guess I should see how my body deals with the NYC Half first right?

Do I just suck it up, register for both now, or wait to see how I feel post race in March?

Such a dilemma – but a dilemma I would take over not being able to run anything (like last spring!).

Question of the blog:
What are you race goals for 2015?


2 thoughts on “2015 Goals: To Join Half Fanatics!

  1. I plan to do a couple halfs here and there, and my wife and I are contemplating being a relay team for an Iron Distance triathlon, me doing the marathon portion. Good luck on your upcoming races.

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