NYC Half Marathon: Charity Runner

ACS DetermiNation

As you know, I am running with the NYC Half Marathon in March – TWO MONTHS AWAY!

In the past two years, I have run 3 other half marathons, 1 10K and about 5-6 5Ks.  In any training run (meaning outside of a race) the furtherest I have run has been, maybe, 3.5 miles – not exactly stellar training right?

I was never a runner, somewhat of an athlete yes, but a runner no.  After my first half I was hooked though. I wanted to improve, I wanted to better my best, I wanted to show myself what I was capable of.

I know my dad would have proud of me. He was always my biggest supporter of anything athletic I attempted. I was his tomboy, he never had a son, but he had me.
Me and dad 2004

This summer will be 10 years since he lost his race against cancer. Having experienced a loss due to cancer, when I first learned of charity runners, I knew I would one day run as part of a team for American Cancer Society.

Finally, schedules fell in to place. I am able to run as part of the DetermiNation team for the NYC Half Marathon. I get a solid training plan to follow, a coach and I get to fundraise for such a great organization that helps individuals and families who are racing against cancer.

American Cancer Society helps millions of people each year to celebrate more birthdays. They do this through many different facets: prevention and early detection, research for cures or medicine, lawmaking, helping families as they learn about cancer and how to cope.  They due this through the fundraising efforts of thousands of philanthropic folks such as runners.

As a way to honor and remember my dad and his battle, I opted to run the NYC Half Marathon through them.  I grew up on Long Island, he grew up in Brooklyn.  He loved the city as much as I do, so given the change to run through the streets in his honor, I know would mean the world to him. I also know he is up there supporting me through training and he will be cheering me on on race day.  He has always been watching over me, so to do this in his name is one of the most important things I have ever done.

But to do this I need your help. Please go to my fundraising page and donate. If all my readers donated $5 that would get me so much closer to my goal.  If you battled cancer, know someone who did or lost someone to the battle, for a minimum of $20 I will wear an honor flag on my race day shirt in their honor (as I am doing for my dad, and few others who have donated already).
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.38.49 AMHelp me race out cancer, help ACS fund projects throughout the year, cheer me on as I race 13.1 miles from Central Park to South Street Seaport.


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