Running Goals and Training Days

nike-make-it-count-campaign-02It’s New Years Eve!  We made it – we survived another year of happiness, joy, pitfalls, failure and successes. Regardless of the ups and downs we faced in 2014, 2015 is a new clean slate for all new types of ups and downs.

That said, I am committing myself deeper to the love and life of running, to all the adventures that come with it be it injury or PRs on race day. I am here to run, I am here to travel, I am here to work.

I can tell you 2015 is already bigger and brighter for me. Next week I start a brand new full time job! For just over a year I have been working as a freelance meeting planner, but now me (and my bank account) are ready to head back to work full time, so jumping off I go.

IMG_20141230_093614Yesterday was fun as I finally received my ProCompression Grab Bag of compression socks.  These are my first ever compression socks, but I have heard great things about wearing compression socks and ProCompression. Plus, what better way then to get a surprise in the mail! The Grab Bag offer was three items of your choice (socks, sleeves, leg warmers) but you do not know what pattern/style you are getting until they arrive! I am very very happy with the ones I received – my feet/legs will be quite happy to 🙂

This week wraps up week 2 of NYC Half Marathon Training with American Cancer Society. Don’t forget to get your year end donations in!  I choose ACS because I lost my father to cancer 10 years ago, so this is quite personal for me. I know he is up there supporting me and cheering me on as I train just like he did for all my other athletic endeavors growing up.

Well officially the cold of winter is starting to set in. In summer months where its 80+ outside, I can often be found walking around in sweat pants or a sweatshirt as I will still find a way to be cold. I often get told my lips are turning blue or purple even when the inside thermostat reads 72, so you can only imagine how much I dislike winter coldness (especially living just off the Altantic Ocean!)

As I have rambled on about in previous posts, I have all new cold weather gear to keep me warm, but some days, even that doesn’t feel enough. Yesterday was one of those days. The temps were low-mid 30s, with an actual feel of high 20s and 7mph winds, so gearing up to go for my 2-3 mile run was a bit touch.

Again I reached out to the Sub-30 FB group I recently joined about how I was avoiding my run. Of course, as I was expecting, I was told to just suck it up and run, so I listened. I suited up, I prepped myself, I foam rolled my legs, I laced up my shoes, I strapped on my Garmin and out the door I went.

IMG_20141230_13372738 minutes later I returned having run 3.01 miles – a surprise even to me as I was running. Somehow, mentally I was in the groove yesterday. As I was heading out, I though that since I needed 2-3 miles or 30-40 minutes per the calendar, I would be back around 30 minutes. Well, mentally apparently I had other plans.

Due to the winds, I made sure to run as much North/South as I could to avoid strong headwinds (something I strive for each run, that isn’t always possible). As I was running, I pushed myself, mentally I was there, physically it felt a bit tougher. My lungs weren’t on fire, but weren’t on a beach either, they were there, they struggled a bit with each inhale of cold air, but still, I kept pushing. I stopped a bit to stretch as my legs felt a bit tight, but I kept going – well, I had to, I mean, I had to get home somehow!

By the time I rounded the corner and saw my house, I realized a few things. That my lungs weren’t killing me yet, and that I was actually closer to 3 miles then I intended. So instead of stopping at my corner, I ran an extra two block and back to hit that 3 mile mark. To me this is HUGE – I have overcome a mental barrier, something I am sure many of you know all about!

In addition, I am running the New Years Eve Dash 5K at Eisenhower Park tonight at midnight. They will have big screens at the start line showing the ball in Times Square and then we are off for a 3.1 mile journey through the park followed by an indoor after party! No battled NYC trains or crazies for the NYRR Midnight Run!

Once I registered for that race yesterday, I finally sat down to figure out what I thought was an achievable mileage goal for 2015. I decided about a week ago for the first ever I would give myself a goal. I popped in to Runkeeper (find me to track my progress – Samantha Avnet) and set it up: 600 miles in 365 days.


To some this may seem low, but to me, it’s slightly scary.  If I run 3 days a week that is an average of 3.8 miles a day! Throw in a bunch of 5Ks, a few 10Ks and some half marathons and I think it’s a completely achievable goal! Fingers crossed I make it, I don’t like failing…..

Question of the BLOG:
How are you ringing in 2015 and what are you running goals?


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