NYC Half Marathon Training Log: Catch Up

ACS DetermiNationSo, I am sure you are not terribly surprised that I have not posted a training log in a few days. Don’t fret my friends, I have been training!

A quick update from my last training post.

The weather has been rather enjoyable, although the air itself is still slightly on the chilly side – at least for me. Well known fact about me (if you know me personally that is) I tend to be cold. As in, it can be 80 degrees outside and I will be cold, my lips will turn purple or blue, I will freely walk around in a hoodie! I relish warm weather because of how cold I normally get, so you can only imagine how cold the 30s actually feel to me.

When I run, I do warm up rather quickly, however, the cold air filling my lungs does not get warmed enough to make any vital difference. I still leave in layers expecting to peel them off as I go. I’ll end the run with my jacket tied around my waist, my head warmer wrapped around a jacket arm, the sleeves of my long sleeved shirt pulled up to my elbows, sometimes I’ll even end up taking my gloves off for the last 5 minutes or so of the run.

But none of that warms up the air my lungs are savoring.

This has meant that over the past two weeks I have found my pace and splits getting slower as I ran at the 2:30 min run/1:30 min walk interval. I had increased to that because the 2 min run/1:30 min walk was feeling to simple. I was getting closer and closer to 12 minutes or less per mile at that pace, so I thought I’d challenge myself a bit more, however, that brought my per mile closer to 13-13:30 minutes.

At the suggestion of a member of the ‎The Sub-30 Club (from RW Big Guy Blog) suggested I back down to the original interval to see how that affects my lungs, recovery and pacing. Well, what do you know – I was solidly back in the 12 minute range per mile. My lungs were slightly happier, but the cold air was still bothersome. It appears I am just going to have deal with slower pacing until the air itself starts to warm up (hopefully at least a week or two before the NYC Half!).

IMG_20141224_114942Tuesday, Day 9: Ran 2.5 miles in 32 minutes plus a 10 minute .6 mile warm up (5 min walk/5min run). This was done on the treadmill as technically I did this run on Wednesday which was a cross train day.  It was also the first time I ever ran a full mile without stopping!

Wednesday, Day 10: Cross Training – I followed the circuit and work my trainer had set out for me on Monday.

IMG_20141225_102219Thursday, Day 11: Ran 2.2 miles in 30 minutes again on the home treadmill. I found one of my favorite movies, Newsies, figuring it would help occupy me. It was a rough 30 minutes! Our treadmill seems to stay at 1.5 incline or higher….

PhotoGrid_1419707264026Saturday, Day 12: Ran 3.5 miles in 45 minutes at a local park as the group run did not happen this week.  Was good, a bit rough at times, ended up walking more then I would have liked.

PhotoGrid_1419772053305Sunday, Day 13: Ran 2.4 miles in 30 minutes. I had backed down my intervals for this ran, I felt it helped, but the cold air did not, more so when the cold rain started drizzling down.

So that catches you up on my training for the past week or so.

Monday’s are supposed to be cross training or rest days. Well, I had decided that I would cross train on Mondays, however, my adorable 5 month old nephew had other ideas with his toys. I stepped on one last night leaving a nice bruise right on the arch of my right foot. I opted to rest my foot today, I iced it this morning, took some anti-inflammatory meds, I will be soaking it in some Epsom salt later today. Here’s hoping the bruise isn’t as tender so I can so my 30-40 minute run as part of day 15 tomorrow!


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