Runner Meet Book Worm

IMG_20141227_081938Sometime this past summer I hit up the local Barnes & Nobel store looking for inspiration to reignite my running passion. Since I first knew what a book was, I was a bookworm, so of course, I’d look to a book to help.

I browsed the limited shelf space dedicated to Running within the Sports section of the book store looking for that one book to help ignite my fading fire. I pulled down book after book reading covers and sleeves hoping one description, one little nugget would tell me this was the book I HAD to read.

After close to 30 minutes and a small pile of books around me, I had settled on two books to purchase. Yes, you read that right – I purchased two live books (I have fallen in love with my kindle for the shear ease of reading anytime, anywhere, but I do miss the feel of an actual book).

As I was dealing with an injury at the time (thus the main cause of my faded fire), my first purchase would the “Anatomy for Runners – Unlocking your athletic potential for health, speeds and injury prevention”.  This one particularly was recommended by my trainer to help me understand what I was going through and to figure out ways to help prevent similar in the future.

It definitely has helped me understand by body much more, though I will admit, a good deal of the information was slightly over my head and involved me re-reading a sentence here and there.  For those folks looking to learn more about their runners body I would definitely recommend this book.

The second book I opted for was “Running Like a Girl” by Alexandra Heminsley.  This one took me a bit longer to read as I just picked it up for some serious reading time three days ago!  I am glad I waited to read it until now.

Not that my fire has faded again, but with winter training underway, my motivation is ever so slowly diminishing due to the increasingly cold weather.  Reading this book, absorbing Alexandra’s story, hearing of her struggles, her ups and downs, her passion finding, her determination, has indeed re-affirmed my own passion for running.

She tells of her resistance to running even though her father and brother had been runners. She speaks of her first attempts to start running. How she ended up going from never running to starting with the London Marathon. The struggles she faced as a new runner training to run such a larger then life event. How she her life kept bringing her back to running regardless of how long her breaks were between races.

This book came to the top of my reading list at just the moment in my motivational journey as it helped remind me why I started running, why I keep running and why I will always be a runner from here on forward.

To any runner out there who needs that kick in the shorts again, or just some mental motivational help, I highly suggest picking up this book and reading it immediately. Ultimately, I finished Part I of the book in less than a day! With each sentence, each memory, each story she tells you just want to know more, what happened next, how she overcame. You get so engrossed in the story and the achievements, you can’t help but want to tie on your runners and hit the road!

Happy Running
Happy Reading


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