NYC Half Marathon DetermiNation Team Training Log: Day 8

stumble in the roadIt appears that no matter what I do, I will always be posting my training logs a day late – oops (and sorry).

Monday’s are an optional day – either off or cross train. I have decided I will cross train on those days, keep the body moving! No stopping on the way to fit.

I found my way back to the gym for some stationary bike action.  Due to some house stuff, I got out the door later then I wanted, but instead of crying over lost time, I still hopped on the bike for 20 minutes instead of 30-40 minutes of biking! It’s my go to cardio at the gym when I’m not hopping  on the treadmill. I would love to do the rower, but my hip seems to have other ideas about that, the hip decides to tighten and hurt again each time I come off that machine, so sadly, until the hip decides otherwise, I will avoid that machine the way I avoid the elliptical (I just don’t have the coordination to use that without totally killing myself).

I accomplished 4.53 miles in the 20 minutes I was on the bike. Started out for 6 minutes at level 3, increased to level 4 for 4 minutes, hit level 5 for 4 minutes then level 6 for 2 minutes before backing down to level 4 for 3 minutes and level 3 for 1 minute.  I am working on both leg strength, speed and breathing each time I hit the bike, trying to strengthen the lungs some as well as the rest of the body.

Next up with my training session. He likes to torture me just a bit, mostly because he know’s I’ll do whatever he has lined up, and he knows I can do it – I just doubt myself.

First up was the TRX.  Not gonna lie to you friends, I LOVE working on the TRX.  We did some standing rows then hit the floor for some ab work.  Some pike, tuck and mountain climbers. My lower back was not such a fan of the pike, but my abs sure enjoyed themselves.

After torturing me on the TRX we went in to the  ab/stretch room to hit the mats. I showed me how I’ve been working on my plank and am now confidently holding a plank for 45-60 seconds! He showed me a way to make it a slight bit tougher (turns your palms face up and then turn your elbows out). Suggestion for me to work on: one plank 45-60 seconds palms up and out, two planks regular style for 45-60 seconds. From there work up to doing all three planks palms up and out.

Then he pulled over the stability and bosu balls for some circuit work.  Did backward sit-ups with the feet anchored to the wall, hips on the stability ball, then up and down from there keeping the glutes engaged. Next it was super mans on the ball – holding on to a bench, raising the legs, glutes and hips while keeping the glutes engaged again.

Third item in the circuit was sit-ups on the bosu ball. I sat on the very edge, fit planted on the floor in front of me.  With my hands right over my head, keeping them there the entire time, I lowered myself slowly back for 4 seconds, held for 2 seconds, then raised back up slow for 4 seconds and held for 2 second.

I did 6-12 of each of these exercises in two circuits. Very efficient! My abs are definitely feeling it this morning. I may sometimes hate him at the time we working, but the next morning, I know what we did was right, so I can’t really hate him anymore.

Today is the big problem – I have zero motivation to get my run on. Supposed to do 35-40 minutes of workout run- concentrating on stride/breath with some speed work thrown in. Thinking I may just do it tomorrow along with the scheduled cross training. Or maybe I’ll find that lost motivation later today?

Question of the blog:
How do you still go when you have no motivation that day?


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