2012-2014 Running Happiness

In December 2012 a co-worker and I started planning our goals for 2013. They were lofty for me, to say the least. We had signed up for two half marathons and a 10K for the fall of 2013!

I was an athlete type growing up, but hadn’t done much since college graduation. Not for lack of trying.  I had signed up once for a Warrior Dash, but injured myself prior to that (I went head over handlebars on my bicycle and injured my wrist).  I had even signed up for the Iron Girl Triathlon in Columbia, MD, but ended up in a boot at the time of the race.

So here I was again attempting to be athletic. I was determined to achieve this time.

2013-14 Race BibsWell, two years later, I am still determined and still achieving! I have run 9 races since I took up running again.

I was hoping to run more races in 2014, but a hip injury held me up.

That said, my goals and vision for 2015 are again lofty! I am not setting things in stone just yet (I’m waiting to get a better idea of a work schedule first), but I have my eyes on some local races, maybe even a few slightly less local races!

As you know, I am running the 2015 NYC Half Marathon with American Cancer Society DetermiNation team! That race is definitely set in stone. It’s helping to get me back on track. I am training properly this time to avoid injury, get a new PR (hopefully….), and grow stronger so I can run and race more frequently.

I am super proud of what I have accomplished so far in my running journey. I am very much looking forward to what else I can accomplish!

Question of the Blog:
How many races have you run in the past two years? (greatly putting my 9 to shame I’m sure)


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