NYC Half Marathon DetermiNation Team Training Log: Day 7

ACS DetermiNation

After yesterdays freezing cold run, the last thing I wanted to do was get back outside for another run. Alas, the all mighty calendar informed me I had to run 2-3 miles today! The dilemma was do I brave the elements outside or hit the treadmill….

I took to twitter to share my dilemma. I got a response telling me to hit the road, so, when someone on twitter tells you to do something, sometimes you just gotta listen!
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.33.14 PMAfter a bit of mental boosting, I suited up with my under armor winter running gear, my asics head warmer, tied up a pair of my new Asics GT-2000s and hit the road. I figured now was as good at time as any to see how the new sneakers would treat the feet with a short 2-3 mile run (notice I didn’t say quick!).

Lucky for me, the wind was quite minimal today. Small things do help make a better run. It was a cold 36 degrees out there today, but again, I had to get that run in!

I stuck with my 2:30 run/1:30 walk interval again. I have decided I am going to stick with that interval for another 2-3 weeks before increasing the run again.  I want to give my body a chance to grow stronger at this pace, maybe even increase how far I run per each 4 minute block. Oh the goals I foresee, now to get my body there.

IMAG2455My splits haven’t been that great in the freezing weather. Today I ran 2.82 in 36 minutes! I’m closer to a 12:30-13 minute mile then an 11:30-12 min mile, which is closer to where I was in November!  Here’s hoping running the cold with slower splits will only increase my ability and equal faster splits as the temperature hopefully rises sooner then later!

My legs made it to almost 22 minutes before starting to feel somewhat fatigued. My lungs burned a bit, making breathing slightly harder then usual. Again, I blame the cold weather for all these issues. My hip has been bugging again, but felt decent during the run.

All this really just reinforces for me how much I really do not like cold weather! Fingers crossed that the temps for the race in March hit at least low 50s – 🙂

Merry holidays!  IMAG2453


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