NYC Half Marathon DetermiNation Team Training Log: Day 6

ACS DetermiNation

I appear to be a day late on all my training posts, for that I sincerely apologize.

Yesterday was our first ‘group’ training run. I say group because including the coach, there were three of us.  Apparently this happens during holiday time. I was ok with that. My 12 min mile pace is very nervous about running in a group.
2c0aabce17b7c99511d2e16a189f9c7eI arrived at Bethpage State Park, the location of our group run, about 20 minutes early.  I have never been to this park so I left a bit of extra time to get there. We were meeting at 8am so I just chilled in my car till I saw some other folks.

I met our coach, Kevin.  He is nice and knows his running. The other runner in our group was closer to a 9 min mile, so coach apologized that he would have to run solo as coach was going to run with me for assistance.

It was good to have someone to run with as it was roughly 33 degrees outside! BRRRR.  By far the coldest I’ve ever run in. At one point I believe I lost feeling in my finger tips, toes and my lips were going a bit numb, but running with someone meant I couldn’t wuss out by heading right back to my car.

Per the all mighty calendar Saturday’s run was either 3 miles or 30-40 minutes. We headed out south along the bike path.  While we were running I realized how nice it is to run in a park where the water was no where in site, the trees protected us (even leafless) so the winds were not a factor!

IMAG2452The bike path had a few small rolling hills – something I don’t have when I run around my house. I stuck to my 2:30 run / 1:30 walk interval pace. Coach said this is something I should keep aiming to improve on, there is no shame in doing the walk/run for the half in March – listen best to my body, let that be the determination (yes play on words).

All in all it was a nice run. I got feeling back in my lips, toes and fingers about half way through.  We finished up at 3.11 miles in 39 minutes.  Not my best showing, but considering the cold factor and the hill factor, I was content with it.
As I was already somewhat out east on Long Island, after the run I headed over to the Deer Park Tanger Outlets.  I had to make one return and popped back in to Asics as I had discovered they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale!  So of course I bought two new pairs of sneakers – GT-2000s. One will be for running, to alternate in with my Mizuno Wave Riders. The other pair, ideally, will be for a knock around sneaker so I can finally stop wearing my runners all the time everywhere.

Question of the day:
How many pairs of running sneakers do you have in play at one time?


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