NYC Half Marathon DetermiNation Team Training Log: Day 4

ACS DetermiNation

IMAG2447On to training day 4 – 2-3 miles or 30 minutes.

Upon waking, it didn’t sound like a nice day, to me it sounded like it was raining. Thankfully it was not.  However, it was barely 40 degree out – brrr. But the all might calendar said I had to run today, so I did.

I suited up, opened the door and had a little fight opening the screen door – man the wind was rough! But the all mighty calendar said to run, so off I went.

I knew within 3 minutes that my rough was limited today as the high winds (I would find out upon returning home were 14 miles per hour!) were coming at me from the west meaning I was going to try sticking to only north/south directions.  That is hard as I leave right by the end of town and a school.

I try to avoid major roads so I have to turn around once I hit the end of town.  As for the school, it covers 4 blocks, which means if I try to run around the school, I’m going nearly a third of a mile in an east/west direction!

Instead I did a couple loops, something I try to avoid due to boredom, but loops were the lesser of the evils. At one point, while running past an open plot of land, a strong gust of wind came, nearly blew me over – definitely blew me a couple feet to the east! I was not yet a mile in to my run, barely having covered 10 of the 30 minutes I had to run – this was going to be brutal. Upon my turn around heading north, I also discovered, any time I crossed the street, I was left open to the wind, and that it wasn’t just going east/west – the wind was everywhere today.

IMAG2445Of course, I toughed it out, no choice. This training period I am doing it right, no slacking, no being weak, no giving in to a rough day. I pushed on. I finished my run, but I felt very beaten.  The wind definitely won today!  2.53 miles in 32 minutes – not my best series of splits, but I was happy that I kept going – just another thing you learn while training the proper way for a half marathon!



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