NYC Half Marathon DetermiNation Team Training Log: Day 3

ACS DetermiNation

Again, I am a day late!

Per the all mighty calendar, Wednesday was a day to Cross Train.

I seem to be finding it less and less enthralling to hit the gym, but when the all mighty calendar says do to something, one must follow, so to the gym I went.

I was limited on time so my master plan was modified.

IMAG2441I would have loved to hit the rower for 20 minutes then the bike for 10-20, but the rower is still bugging my hip, so I opted for 30 minutes on the bike to get the legs moving. Biking is a great form of cross training, plus, I love riding the bike! Earlier this year when dealing with my hip issues, I would hop on my bike to the boardwalk 2-3 days time a week. The weather was gorgeous, the beach was still mostly empty, the boardwalk was calm, it was perfect! I stopped once I was given the OK to start running again, but with the winter here, the stationary bike will do – this also forces me back to the gym.  I pushed the level up to 6 for a portion, but knowing I had a 2-3 mile run on Thursday, I didn’t feel like killing my legs.

After the bike session, I did some arm work. I have always been weakest in upper body strength – something known since my gymnastics days.  Since this the case, I try to focus more on arm and core strength training then lower body (I figured running and biking can take care of that….for the most part).

As I stated above, these are a day behind (hoping to fix that this afternoon) so I will shortly be off for my 2-3 miles (or 30 minute) training run (again, per the all mighty calendar).

Question of the day:
How do you maintain training for a spring race through the harsh realities of winter weather?


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