How Do You Train In Winter?

wasn't made for winter

That sums me up quite nicely. I can find a way to be shivering with goosebumps when its 80 degrees outside so you can imagine what I’m like when its 40 degrees! When possible I refuse to go outside when it’s that cold. I try avoid the outdoors once the temps dip below 48-50……that makes it pretty tough to train outside in the winter.

A month or two ago, when it first started to get cooler (you know, when it dipped below 60), I hit the stores to buy some runner leggings, arm sleeves, runner jacket, long sleeved runner shirts, gloves, you name it if it was made for running in the cold I wanted it.

I got a couple of runs in, you know, when it was still between 45-50 outside. But this week, it’s been rainy and cold outside. The temps are barely hitting 45. To me that is just to cold.  Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.35.16 AM

My new found dilemma is that I no longer enjoy treadmill running! Yes, I can admit that.

When I first started running, I hated running outside unless it was for a race. I knew myself. I knew that if I ran by myself, or with someone, I would make excuse after excuse. I would stop when my legs gave out instead of push myself to finish the time or distance I promised. I would walk when the running got to hard instead of waiting till the time I promised I’d walk.

But now, after spending most of the summer/fall running outside as part of my hip rehab, I find I love it! I love running with the open area, just being outside, forcing myself to keep going another block before turning back.

PhotoGrid_1417720859185 Last week I went to the gym for a workout and treadmill run. I told myself I had to run 3.1 miles that day. It was my next goal. I had hit time goals within the past week so now I was up to a distance goal.  I consciously took off November from running and my half marathon training is starting soon. It was a rough run. My pace was off from my outdoor runs – it took long to hit the 1 and 2 mile marks on the treadmill then it did when I ran outside. I was frustrated and annoyed, but I kept moving and hit the 3.1 miles

TreadmillSo due to the downpour in the Northeast I was forced to hit the treadmill – the 20 year old treadmill I have access to!  I hopped on, after hooking it back up. I popped a DVD in to the small TV we have mounted above it (1990’s style) and started to watch The Devil Wears Prada while getting my run on.  It was then that I was AGAIN reminded I know HATE running on a treadmill.
It felt like the longest 21 minutes ever. I ended up running 1.56 miles in 21 minutes. I struggled. My breathing was rough, my legs were moving faster then I felt they could ever go, I was not happy. I struggled through the run. I didn’t get near the distance or time I was hoping for, but I also didn’t stop to early.

Now I am back to my issue of I do not like cold weather at all, but I think I may hate the treadmill more then the cold – so how do I motivate myself, force myself, to run outside when the weather is just freezing?!

Question of the blog:
How do you keep running outside even when temperatures hit lower then 45 degrees? Or when there is snow or rain out?


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