#fitspiration + #morningmotivation

It’s a known thing that not all fitness inspiration is created equal……nor is it all appreciated the same.

I love quotes. As a teenage, I collected them in journals that I carried with me everywhere. Be it something from a  fortune cookie or a TV/Movie character, a line from a book or something generally inspirational, I wrote it down.

So it makes total sense to me, for me, to love fitness motivational and inspirational quotes.  It’s the little things that help keep you going when you don’t feel like leaving the warmth of your bed to venture out in to the brutal winter temperatures.

Some of the quote images you see online have sparked some fitness world controversy. Some people view these images and words as the negative motivation. They show super skinny people, not always showing healthy fit folks.  They don’t show off the muscles all the time.

To each their own right? Your view of these images doesn’t affect my need for them. It just motivates me to use them more frequently, to find words in front of positive images – a pair of running shoes, the gear we wear, a runner in snow, holding some weights (maybe more then the 5 lb one!), or maybe it’s just a treadmill, bench press or an open road. To me the words on the image are what is most important – now the picture behind it.

Using these fitspiration images keep me going, they help me break out of those bad mental battle days. Pick the right words, nothing else should matter.

Keep posting your favorite motivational or inspirational quotes and images, it helps those who need it, those who don’t will find ways to criticize regardless…..

Question of the day:
What is your favorite fitquotes or fitspiration? Post it below, or the link!

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