Back In The Game!

Where to be tomorrowIn my mind I have already begun training for the NYC Half Marathon that I will be running with American Cancer Society DetermiNation team!  I know, officially I believe training doesn’t start for another 14 days (give or take).

Today was a success! Last night I promised myself I would run this morning. I was dragging a bit as I woke, but a promise is a promise, breaking a promise this early on is a bad precedent to set for training.

I picked out some running gear: Underarmour HeatGear leggings, C9 by Champion Sports Bra, Miami Half Marathon race shirt, Mizuno WaveRider 18s and finally broke out my new Zensah Arm sleeves!  I had been going back and forth about buying a pair of arm sleeves for a few weeks, but when I saw Zensah at the NYC Marathon Expo, I knew I had to at least buy a pair to try out – now, nearly a month later, I am thrilled I bought them.
IMAG2316 They were super useful. Kept my arms warm during the start of the run, while running straight in to the wind. But able to move them to just my wrists, then remove completely, when I started to get a bit warm from the run. They are a perfect addition to those wonky weather runs!
Friday I went out for my first run in 3+ weeks, it went well, as you can see in Friday’s Blog.  Today was a bit rougher.  The weather was nicer, but the wind was crazier. I spent nearly a mile running with a headwind. I didn’t let it deter me, I just pushed back against it.

IMAG2305Friday I hit 1.63 miles in 21:01 minutes.  Today, I hit 1.63 miles in 20:04 minutes!  Took nearly a minute off time in just one run! Success.

IMAG2310That said, it was a bit rough running with a headwind. My lungs were burning, my legs were tiring, but I was pushing through. The sun was out, the sky was clear, the temperature was crisp to warm.

It was one of those run days where I run out, then had to run a similar distance back, something I am working to mentally overcome. I have never liked running in a way that might force me to struggle getting back, but knowing I have the NYC Half Marathon in 105 days, I figured, I need to start beating back that mental block.

IMAG2315I managed to add 6 minutes to my time, which was a bit rougher then Friday as my legs were giving out on me (yes, I blame the headwind I ran in to for the first mile). Totals: 2.13 = 27:01 minutes. Splits: 1=12:33, 2=12:21, .13=2:07. I am very happy with these.
IMAG2317Also because a friend recently joined a gym, is trying to get back her endurance and back in to running, reminded me about foam rolling. I had gotten lazy during the fall, but since my legs were feeling tired, I pulled out the roller and hit the floor. Here’s hoping my legs like me better this afternoon!


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