First Step – Tie Up The Shoes

IMG_38443868929903Truth: I consciously decided not to run for nearly three weeks.

I was supposed to get back to it on Monday, yet a nasty virus had me down for the count for 3 solid days, with an additional two days until the dizzy went away.

So again, I consciously decided I wouldn’t press it, I wouldn’t get mad at myself for not being able to start running on Monday as I had planned.  Sometimes, you have to acknowledge that life has other plans for you that week.

However, I did keep part of my promise – today, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I started back up!  I finally took the tags off the cold weather gear I bought (underarmour HeatGear leggings and long sleeves), my new Saucony Run Strong New York tee (that I bought at the NYC Marathon Expo!), my Ryder Sunglasses, as well a pair of running gloves. I prepped my mind, I was determined to overcome my aversion (all mental) to cold weather outdoor running. I was prepared. I had all the right gear, I could do this. Of course, no run is complete without my Mizuno WaveRider 18s!

And do it I did! First run in 3+ weeks, first outdoor cold weather run EVER, a success.

Since I hadn’t run in 3+ weeks I didn’t want to press my time or distance so I said as long as I get 15-20 minutes outside running I’d be happy. So I did just that.  21:01 minutes = 1.63 miles! First a first run in a while, for having been seriously knocked down with a virus 4 days ago, I was extremely happy with this run.

The wind was blowing at a nice clip to the south east, living right off the water, I feel every bit of that wind.  The sun was shining brightly so the chill didn’t seem as brutal as I half expected. No running jacket needed today!

All in all, I am excited to get back to it. To start my serious training. I do only have 107 left until the NYC Half Marathon. Which I am running with the American Cancer Society DetermiNation Team! I couldn’t be prouder to run for a cause so personal to me.


Question of the Post:
What is your favorite go to cold weather running gear?


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