Conscious Decision NOT To Run

skip a workoutAbout 2 weeks ago I made the conscious decision to NOT workout for a little over two weeks!

Crazy!  I know this. But I am ok with my decision.

I have not yet wrapped my brain around just how cold it’s going to get (or in some places, already has gotten).

I was away for almost a week on a mini vacation. I made the conscious decision that I did not want to go running among all the crazy hills that were by me.

Then work came.

As a freelancer, I work when there is work to be done. I was scheduled to work 8 days straight to cover 2 programs. I knew my body was not used to working such long hours with such little sleep, so again, I made the conscious decision NOT to bring any gym clothes with me.

I know I will pay for this decision next week when I start running again, but for now, my stress level has been in check because I have not fretted over just when I am going to get a run in, or a workout of any type.

Plus, during meeting set up days, its CrossFit Meeting Planner!  We move and lift boxes of varying and increasing weight.  We move tables and chairs to suit our needs.  We walk many miles throughout the day from one meeting room to another.  I knew that even if it was dedicated exercise, I was still working out, in a way.

Having consciously made this decision has made my life a bit easier right now.

I will pay for it next week when I hit the treadmill again. Yes, I said that dreaded word treadmill, but I still am not mentally prepared to run outside where the temperature is less than 40 degrees!

Have you ever made the conscious decision to just give in to the craziness that is life and just not workout? Has this made the craziness just a bit more manageable?


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