If I Call It Training I’ll Keep Going

Sometimes you need outside motivation to keep running.  For some it’s staying in shape, other’s it’s the search for the elusive “runner’s high“.  Sometimes it’s an upcoming race.  My motivation is simply training.  I don’t always have a race on the horizon (sometimes because I just can’t decide where I want to race next) but I know if I want to run another race, I need to keep running now.  I’d rather call it training.  Call it my inner athlete. I was the girl who was involved in all types of sports (softball, swimming, gymnastics), thus I was always training for something – the next game, the next level, the next meet, against myself.

So I thought, why not use those same methods that kept me hitting balls against a wall or doing handstands in the house all day long now for running.  Regardless of what I have coming up, I should always be training.

I won’t lie to you, I do have a race coming up.  In a week I am running the NYRR Dash To The Finish Link 5K.  I’ve stated this before, it’s a big deal for me.  I’ve battled a bothersome hip most of 2014, yet to run my second 5K in a months time is a big deal (to me at least).  I have been training, hoping to better my time then my Diva’s 5K time, but really – as long as I come in under 40:00 I’ll be quite happy with the race.

That said, I’ve been training.  I’m aiming to run 3 days a week.  Start getting my ass back to the gym on days I’m not running to hit the rower machine to work on lung capacity as well as some cross training to improve leg strength. I belong to Synergy Gym in Baldwin, NY and I love it!  The people are great, I rarely feel intimidated when I walk in, or try to hit some of the bigger weight machines, and my trainer is wonderful!!  If you’re local, walk in, get a tour, get information (and if you sign up, tell them I sent you!)

I failed a bit this week. I’m not afraid to admit it. I skipped my Wednesday run.  What can I say – there was a thunderstorm all morning, it basically rained/poured all day. I’m ok running the rain, I’m not quite ready for the cold winter rain though, which is what it felt like on Wednesday. I was said about it, very sad about it.  I made a promise to myself that I would run Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I broke it (well, ok, the weather broke it).

But that didn’t deter me to much.  I woke up this morning, got dressed, laced up the Asics Cumulus 16, strapped on the iPod and Garmin (friend me: samtravels20) and hit the road.  I had a goal.  I was finally running 3+ miles so today was the day I would make it to my local park and back.  I mapped out the route that would take me to 3.1 at a minimum and 3.35 at the max (which is the distance I ran on Monday.)

Goal achieved!


Shell Creek Park, Island Park, NY (October 24, 2014). Doesn’t quite like it did when I was a kid, but still a fun little park!

My entire run took me 3.39 in 42:01.  Mile 1 was under 12:00 at 11:52!  My 5K was 38:30 (a full 21 seconds faster then my Diva’s 5K time).  It was cool, sunny and quite windy – then again, we live surrounded by water, there are channels nearly everywhere I run so wind is expected.

Stats Oct 24 2014

Still, it’s always fun running around your own town.  Getting further then you have gone before.  Seeing how your neighbors change their landscaping per season or decorate for holidays. Some of the houses are still being rebuild from Superstorm Sandy.  One person finally put their anchor back in front of their house (that’s how you are know you live in a town surrounded by water – boats and anchors and nautically themed outside decor!)



Question of the day:
What keeps you motivated to run year round?


2 thoughts on “If I Call It Training I’ll Keep Going

  1. Signing up for a race is my only motivation to go out there.. Upstate NY is even colder! I hate it! I am jealous that you are doing the 5K this weekend.

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