A San Francisco Sunrise


The sky was on fire this morning – October 17, 2014

I was told I was staying at an airport hotel.  I have never been a fan of airport hotels.  Usually they are not in the best areas.  Usually you’re only food option is whatever restaurant is in the hotel.  Usually the view from your window is of warehouses.

Then comes the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront Hotel! BEST. AIRPORT.  HOTEL. EVER!

The hotel offers a free shuttle from SFO. The hotel is not actually in Burlingame, about 1.5 miles away from the airport, less than a 10 minute drive (depending on traffic).  The Marriott Waterfront is also located on San Francisco Bay!

When you walk about on to the back patio of the property you are surrounded by the most comfortable of out door furniture with stunning views of the bay and the airport.  The property is directly along the incoming flight path for SFO.

Yesterday morning, due to jet lag I was up at 4am.  I had already laid out my running clothes figuring I’d wake around 7, get out on the path behind the hotel around 8, get back, relax from the run, shower and go down for work.  Well, since it was, of course still dark out when I woke up, I googled when the sunrise would be San Fran.  Happy dance, it was around 7:00am.

So at 6:45 I popped on down to the lobby, set all my electronics to go and hit the path.  Yes, I stopped a few times, how could you now when the sun was rising in spectacular fashion, showering you with joy and color to start your morning!

There were all taken during my sunrise run on October 16, 2014!
IMAG2094_1 IMAG2093_1_1

I had a successful run as well: 2.48 miles in 31:31 minutes!  I am not sure of my splits as I left my Garmin Forerunner 10 laptop connector in NY (oops).  Being an airport property, I wrongly assumed there would be no where outdoor to run so I’d be on the treadmill in the gym.  Well, we will see tomorrow night what my splits from yesterday and from tomorrow are.  Stay tuned!


Garmin history – October 16, 2014


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