The Training Never Ends

Its worth it

As one run ends, another begins.
I have been running pretty consistently with minimal discomfort in my hip for just over a month now (shhh, cross your fingers, knock on wood, wish on stars…..don’t jinx me).  I ran my first race, my first 5K since the hip problems started.  That race went pretty damn well!

So, of course, what do I do.  Well, I sign up for my second 5K.  This will be, not only my second race since the hip started feeling better, but my second 5K in the span of a month.

NYC Marathon weekend is face approaching (though don’t tell the marathoners that).  It is barely 3 weeks away.  Now, I am absolutely no where near running a marathon, not even close to running a half marathon, but I am ready for my second 5K.  New York Road Runners club hosts a number of events leading up to Marathon Weekend.

This year they are hosting, the weekend before the Marathon there is the sold out Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5M race.  The Expo starts on Thursday, October 30 and runs through Saturday, November 1.

The day prior to the Marathon, Saturday, November 1, NYRR is holding the Dash to the Finish Link 5K.  This is the race I signed up for.  We will be running the last 3.1 miles of the marathon route.

I am nervous and excited at the same time.  This will be my second NYRR race, first in Manhattan/Central Park!  My goal for this 5K, is just to stay consistent to what I just ran in the Diva’s 5K.  I am a bit daunted by running streets I have walked many times in the past.  Knowing how far it truly is, yet running it, in a race atmosphere is something entirely different.

I am up for the task, now to keep moving and training.  My first race in Manhattan, my experience as part of NYC Marathon weekend, my second race in a month. Here’s to keeping up to pace, staying healthy, and keeping the motivation in full effect!



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