Finding My Groove Again

First one out door

My last run was on Thursday.  That was four days ago.  I promised myself I would run on Saturday morning, but something stopped me.  I can no longer remember what it was, but I remember promising myself I would run on Sunday instead.  To me this made sense.

Sunday came around and I did not run. I wasn’t feeling 100%.  My allergies had taken over.  The congestion was annoying.  I used that as an excuse.  Not a very good one, but an excuse nonetheless.  I also then promised myself I would run on Monday.

I HAD to run this morning.  I have my first race (a 5K) in nearly 8 months.  My last race was the Miami Half Marathon in February.  It was about a month after that race that my hip started bothering me.  Now 8 months later, my hip is starting to feel good again (shhhh, don’t wanna jinx it).

I am glad I ran this morning.  I am thrilled I get one of the two promises I made myself this weekend.  I am ecstatic about my results from this morning.  I think I am ready for Sunday!

The temperature this morning was about 72 degrees when I left for my ran.  The sky was slightly cloud covered.  The air was sticky and muggy.  My motivation was at 100% as was my determination to conquer my next set of benchmarks.

I am doing 90 second intervals.  90 seconds run, 90 second walk.  I have been toying with the idea of increasing those to 2 mins run, 90 second walk, but thinking I should wait until after my Diva’s 5K on sunday to play around with that.

Based on my intervals, every 2-3 runs I have been increasing by 3 minutes.  Well, I was supposed to increase by 3 minutes.  Last Thursday I jumped from 21 minutes to 25 minus (I wanted to hit 2 miles).  Meaning today should have been either another 24 minutes session or a 27 minute session.  Well, I jumped again.  I went for 30 minutes.

I probably should have listened to the fatigue by body was feeling and stopped at 27 minutes, but I figured, how much damage could another 3 minutes do?  I am stoked that I pushed through for those last 3-5 minutes as my numbers were terrific.  30:01 minutes = 2.38 miles!  However, that feeling of passing out, not so much fun afterwards.

But I did it.  I hit new personal records in training since I resumed running in late June early July!  I feel pumped that I can finish the 5k in under 40 minutes to give me a new 5K PR.  I feel that if I can remember this happiness that the mental upheaval I’ve been battling will easily be overcome.

Monday, September 29, 2014 Stats / Records
Monday 9.25 stats


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