Determination = Bragging

Happy Tuesday morning friends.

Yes, I am happy today.  I am motivated and determined today.  I am feeling good today.  Today is a good day.

Yesterday, it took the help of some friends to motivate me to get out for my run.  I used that and ran with it (literally).  I had a good ran.  I knew I needed to run 21 minutes (part of my hip fix is to increase my time running instead of worry as much as increasing my mileage).  I pushed myself to hit that 21 minute mark.  My legs felt very fatigued after 15 minutes, my breathing was a bit harsh due to fall allergies.  But I accomplished my goal. I felt great for it.  I hit the 1 mile mark under 12:30!  I ran a total of 1.66 miles in the 21 minutes I was out there!  I achieved a lot.

I told myself that, depending how the hip felt in the morning, I would aim for two runs in two days.  I’d wake up Tuesday and go for another run.

Well, I woke up this morning, my brain again said, go for it.  My legs were kinda happy in the pajamas under the blankets.  But I was feeling antsy.  So when my mother suggested I go for a run to burn off some of that energy, well, that was all the motivation my legs needed.  I laced up the asics, plugged in the iPod, slapped on the garmin and was out the door!

I again ran 21 minutes.  My lungs are definitely not happy with the fall allergies so they let me know it.  My legs felt a big fatigued, but didn’t want to stop.  Well not until my last 90 second run cycle.  But at that point I knew I had the run.  I knew I achieved my goal of getting in two solids run in two days.  Technically I got two solid runs in in a 16 hour time span!

My splits were pretty good.  I was 6 seconds shy of my mile time from Monday.  I hit 1.65 miles in the 21 minutes, only off by one hundredth of a mile!  Tomorrow will tell another story.  Will my brain and my legs both agree not to run, or will my brain and legs say go for it – get three runs in in three days time!  Only the next 24 hours will tell.\

         Monday’s run stats collage                            Tuesday’s run stats collage


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