What Are Your Favorite Races?

Miracle That I finished Race

Slow and steady.  That is my new motto when it comes to running.
Slow and steady.  The way I can make progress, not clocking distance per week or time out there running.  Just maintaining my runs, lessening the pain in my hip, always lacing up the asics and slapping on the Garmin and hitting the pavement.

Now that I feel like, maybe, just maybe, I can make further progress in terms of distance, I feel like I need to start planning out a 2015 race schedule.

I still have my first race since February coming up. The Diva’s Long Island 5k in two weeks.  Thinking maybe I could squeeze in a 10k towards the end of fall?  Hoping my hip will hold up.

What is your favorite 10k?  What races are you running for the end of 2014?

The biggest issue is when do I think I’ll be ready for my first half.  Do I plan on a few 5k and 10k races between now and April with my first half closer to the summer?  Do I dive right in to and start training for a half now hoping to run one sometime in the spring?

So, with those plans floating around my mind, I am reaching out to the online running community to see what your favorite races are or have been.  I don’t care where it is, though looking for suggestions somewhere along the Altantic North East coast, Virginia to Maine out to Ohio or Indiana maybe.

Is there a 10k or half you feel the need to run each year? Is there a race that gave you some amazing memories or you happiness PR?

Is there a new race coming to your area that you can’t wait to run?

Planning a race schedule is part of the motivation that keeps me going.  Knowing I have this amazing goal ahead keeps me tying up my laces, slapping on that garmin and hitting the pavement.  What is behind your motivation?


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