Today Is The Day

Last night was the season 16 premier of The Biggest Loser.  Yes, it’s a reality TV show.  In general, I HATE reality TV.  But I do love a good competition, even more, I will admit I love competition reality TV shows (amazing race, biggest loser).  This season I am excited because the show is about “Glory Days”.  It’s about former athletes becoming athletes again.

I remember the days when I considered myself an athlete.  I spent 8.5 years of my life taking gymnastic classes and flipping around the house.  I would do cartwheels and handstands anytime, anyplace.  I put masking tape down on the den floor to make a balance beam.  I use the couch cushions as floor mats.  I spend 3 years of high school as a swimmer.  I even put off doctor visits to finish my senior season (turns out I had a tear of the cartilage in my knee from those gymnastics days).

Upon entering college I was in the best shape of my life.  I had just spend the previous three months in physical therapy 3 days a week for nearly 2 hours a day.  Then I lived the college life for 4 years.  I gained the 15 pounds and then some.  I ate bagels every day sometimes twice a day.  The kitchen in our house was open 24 hours (rare for the sorority houses), so those 2am munchies were satisfied with junk.

I played on the sorority club teams, but struggled with running.  I let that get me down.  I didn’t really know how to use the equipment in the gym so I avoided it.  I hated running just to run so I avoided it.  Instead I landed myself in the TV room.  I barely exercised.

11 years after graduating college I finally discovered a love of running.  I have been on a  quest for over a year and a half to reclaim that inner childhood athlete.  Thank you Biggest Loser for helping encourage me to get off the couch again, to battle through my hip problems and inclination not to work out if I can’t go for a run.  Thank you Biggest Loser for showing me that no goal is to big to achieve.

So here I go, my hip is feeling good today so I shall it for a test run….literally!  Stay tuned to my instagram to see how so that run left me feeling, and what numbers I was able to post without having run in 3 days!

100% Mental


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