The Need To Run = Inability To Run

Sometimes all you need is a good hard run.  I’ve needed it a lot lately.  However, I haven’t been able to run.  I haven’t been able to do what has given me such joy and happiness.

My hip has been acting up again.  I seem to get two runs in, then I’m down for a week.  The time is horrible.

I’m trying to make some pretty big decisions.  I’m trying to figure out what my next life steps should be.  I’m trying to clean my head space.  Running usually helps.

What can I do as a substitute for that when I can’t run?

A few hard workouts have helped.  A long drive to visit friends in Maryland helped a bit also.  Maybe a few more bike rides will help.  Maybe sitting on the boardwalk looking at the ocean will help.  Maybe spending as much time with my friends will help.  Maybe cuddles from my nephew will help.

Eventually I will make some decisions and I know that will help.  Until then, I will write, exercise, plan grand adventures (that I hope to actually take one day), and be thankful for the amazing things I do still have in my life!

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