A Running Journal?

Friday my trainer suggested I keep a running journal to help with my training.  It’s as basic as it sounds.  You write down anything and everything regarding your run.

Yes I love to write.  Yes I have a blog.  Yes I’m active on Twitter.  Yes I am active on Instagram.  But I have NEVER been about to ‘journal’.

I just simply cannot write about myself.  Heck, I needed someone to help me write my college application essay because I cannot write about myself.

Now I have been told (er, challenged) to keep a running journal?  Simple right?  So far, Saturday and Sunday went smoothly.

Step 1)  Buy a small notebook (CHECK)
Step 2)  Write about Saturday morning’s run once I had purchased said notebook (CHECK)
Step 3)  Remember to keep this up and write about Sunday’s run (Check)
Step 4)  Remember to write about any and all future runs! (fingers crossed)

So far my entries include:
* Date
* Start Time
* End Time
* Temperature/Weather
*  How my legs/body felt before I went for the run
*  How I felt during/after the run

So far, my first two entries have been completed.  The challenge presented – will I remember to write for Tuesday’s run?

How do you log your runs beyond just the distance and pace?
If you have a running journal, what other information do you add?


One thought on “A Running Journal?

  1. I usually add how the run felt: easy, moderate or hard.
    I like to keep a journal to figure out what kind of workouts work for me, if I’m progressing, if I’m on track for that or that event, etc..
    Good luck with yours!

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