Challenge Yourself – Beat Your Challenge

Last week my trainer told me a goal was to get in two runs between sessions.  We met last Wednesday so I had five days to get 2 runs in before we met again on Monday.  Of course, being a naturally competitive person, I took it as a challenge.  I succeeded in meeting the challenge. I got up each morning, put on my Garmin Forerunner 10, plugged in the iPod shuffle, tied up the Asics and hit the street! Friday Run:  Wasn’t my best. I hadn’t run in a week and a half and my body felt it.  Mile: 14:51. Total: 1.1 mile (16:32 Friday RunSunday Run: I was feeling pumped for the run, I skipped any workout on Saturday so I knew I was running and going to the gym on Sunday.  Determination wins all.  Mile: 12:59; Split: 14:14. Total: 1.57 (21:01) Sunday Run That was my two runs before my next session Monday morning.  My trainer put me through the motions.  We went over a series of stretches to do after each run to try and overcome hip stiffness.  Then we proceeded to put me through a killer arms workout!  Hated it at the time, felt amazing afterwards. Again, I was told (er, challenged…) to get in two runs between Monday and our next session on Friday.  That said, I went out for my run today.  Challenge this morning: better my mile and improve my split from Sunday.  Challenge achieved! Tuesday Run   Tuesday Run: Hot and humid outside, but legs and body were up for anything.  Mile: 12:47 (improved by 9 seconds).  Split: 12:59 (improved by 1 min 15 seconds!).  Total Milage: 1.63 in 21:01.  Total milage improved by .6 in same time. New mindset – better my best, then better that!  Never compare yourself to others, but always challenge yourself against your previous.  New PRs come anytime you go for a run – right now mine is at the 1 mile mark and overall split time.   Use personal challenges.  Use determination.  Both will foster a great sense of motivation. What is your everyday run PR goal? Compete


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