Challenge Your Determination


Who am I?  That is the question I posed to myself yesterday.

The reason behind it is due to my workout/training regime this week so far.

Monday = Evening Yoga

Tuesday = Morning Trainer/Gym Session

Wednesday = Morning Gym Session, Evening Yoga

Thursday = Morning Gym Session

Until a 10 days ago I had only ever taken some pilates classes, never once did I attempt yoga.  I felt I didn’t have enough balance and that I was already flexible enough.  However, I have read in various places online, that yoga can actually be a good thing during training for runners.

Due to the my hip injury, the doctor recommended yoga, so of course, when the doc says try something, I run out and try it.  To my shock and amazement – I enjoyed it!

It’s more of a challenge to myself, can I better what I achieved last session?

So instead of being content with just the one class this week – I opted to attend both evening Yoga classes.  Different teacher, different sequences, same results – a challenge to my mind, body and balance.

I am finally, after a few weeks without, feeling sore again.  I have been searching for that feeling.  I love that feeling.

Shortly I will take my semi-sore body back to the gym for another session.

Determination is all it takes.  The lifestyle is the benefit.


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