A Little Determination


There are just some days where you wake up, your body hurts, you just don’t want to move.  But those are the days you most definitely need to get up and fight for it.  Today is one of those days.

Yes, it’s Wednesday. It’s hump day.  It’s the middle of the week.  I am sore from yesterday’s workout.  But I am going to get up, make my way to the gym.  I am going to pound out my workout.  I need to make up for not being able to run right now.

I am giving my hip another break.  It’s still aching.  It’s still stiff.  It sometimes still feels tight.

It’s starting to feel better having not run, that makes me nervous to go for another short run.  I know a short run is better then no run.  I know a gym session is better then not doing anything.

I will just keep moving.  I will just keep building strength in my core, back, legs.  I will keep working on adjusting my hip.  I will keep working on adjusting my stride when I am able to run.

Sometimes all you need is a little determination.  Sometimes all you need to look at each thing you are doing as a challenge against yourself.  You can always beat yourself!


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