Found My Next Race!

Now that the training goals are under way, I need to find my next race.  I found last year that I work better when there is a race as my training goal.  That said, it’s time to find one.

Searching for the next race means realizing my limitations when it comes to training.  It also means realizing my potential to the same.  To that, after speaking with my trainer, I have opted to stick to a 5K and potentially a 10K for the fall with my first half to be sometime around the end of January or February.

As stated in my previous post, I have been rehabbing my hip and now re-working my running stride.  The goal with re-working my stride, is to help avoid injury in the future.

I want to give myself optimal time to train, but I would prefer my first race back to not be in winter, so I have opted to do the local Run Like A Diva 5K in October.  The race is roughly 20 minutes from where I live on Long Island, so that is something nice!

I am excited for this race because it’s so local.  From what I hear, it’s also a fun race in general.  I would have liked to the half race, but I know that is not the cards right now.

Next up, is to try to find a local 10K sometime before December…..somewhere within an hour of where I live.   Any suggestions for the NY Tri-State area?

Here’s hoping my hip can handle the training.  Here’s hoping I can slowly increase my run time without my hip sending my training to a halt.  Here’s hoping I can successfully run the Diva’s 5K, maybe even getting a new 5K PR!


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