Training – What’s My Goal?

So, back from my trips (Chicago, Dallas) and back in the gym training.  But the question now is what am I training for?

I finished PT last week.  I was sent on my merry way being told, keep doing the exercises we worked on here, keep increasing your running time (don’t focus on the distance yet).  I go back to the doctor in two days – fingers crossed he says the tightness I’m still feeling will go away as I continue to workout.

But the question is, what am I training for now?  I am registered for the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas “Strip at Night” in November.  My trainer says I won’t be able to run even a 5k for at least 3 months…..we are focusing on my form, cadence, steps, etc to help avoid injury during my next race.

I was hoping to do the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge, but registration was today.  The challenge is already sold out.  I am not surprised by this, I know these are big races, the crowds are huge for the, but still a bit sad.

I didn’t register for it at noon when registration opened because we (my trainer and I) wanted to give it a bit of time where we are just focusing on getting back to where I was pre-injury.

But the question now, if I am not doing the Glass Slipper Challenge in February, what half marathon race am I going to run in the January / February timeframe? (Perferably in a warm climate).  This is most likely the earliest I’ll physically be in a place to run a half without risk of injury, but I also want my first race back to be fun, to be exciting, to be enjoyable, to have an interesting medal (yes, I like the bling factor).  So I reach out to you, my running community to help me figure out what my race goal will be?

Aside from RunDisney and the Rock ‘n Roll Series, I only know of the 13.1 series and the Divas series.  What other race series are out there that offer good, fun race experiences? That offer challenges within their series (or particular race weekend)? That leave people talking about the good times and nice course they just ran?

Or am I asking to much of a half marathon?




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