What do you do when injured?

How do you cope when injury takes you away from races you had lined up?

So, upon my return from SA, I attempted to not let jet lag beat me down.  To help with this, I scheduled sessions with my trainer.  I also vowed to let the running take me however many miles it would.  You see, I ran in the Miami Half Marathon on February 2, but did not run again until my return from SA!

I returned on a Friday morning.  I had family activities booked all weekend long.  I promised myself I would take those three days to recoup from the travels.  I promised that Monday morning I would be at the gym.  And I did just that!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday of that first week home I was at the gym training again.  I ran on the treadmill for close to 10 miles that week.  I had two sessions with my trainer that week.  Saturday I went to the driving range with my cousin.  It was the second weekend in March and a cool 60+ degrees outside so we took advantage.

While at the driving range however, I noticed my hip was hurting.  I didn’t really think much of it.  It had been bugging me after our flight TO SA so I figured it’s just still a bit tweaked from the from back from SA.

Two weeks later, the weather was cooperating, so feeling better (both from having the flu and my hip) I ventured outside for a run.  I barely ran 1 mile before my hip yelled, rather loudly, for me to stop.  I limped my way home after that.  Begrudgingly, I listened to my hip. I rested it for about two and a half weeks again, but still not enough time.  My next attempt at run left me barely able to limp home.

Yes, you get the picture.  I’m stubborn.  It took me nearly 6 weeks, but I finally went to the doctor.  Bursitis!  No running for another 6 weeks!  Start PT ASAP.

Now, for those who don’t know, I am a freelance meeting planner. I go where the work takes me.  Usually, as was the case from October 2013 – June 2014, I travel a fair amount.  Well, bursitis and sitting in airplanes don’t exactly mesh well.  PT and traveling don’t match up much either.  But off I went to heal myself….

Along the way I managed to miss 4 races.  Thankfully I had only registered for one as I wasn’t entirely sure work wouldn’t get in the way of the other three, but they were still on the radar.  I wanted to run, for the second year in a row, the JFK Runway 5K, but the injury prevented it.  I wanted to run the 10K as part of the Brooklyn 15K as my birthday race (as it was on my actual birthday!)  I also wanted to run my race during the Long Island Marathon Weekend – injury aside, work did come up for that weekend anyway.  My friend and I were also going to try running the Toronto Women’s Series Half Marathon.

So, patiently (which I am not good at) I have been waiting for the OK from the doc to resume training……hopefully this will come soon!



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