South African Adventure – The End

Well, our third morning in Pilanesberg was grand.  We awoke to no rain coming which meant our re-scheduled sunrise game drive was still on!  As we walked out of our chalet, we walked in to native wildlife.  There were Zebras and warthogs and klipspringer all around, it was quite a phenomenal moment.  More so when we got to watch a zebra walk across the drive no more than 10 feet in front of us!  The things that seem to be such a natural element to life in South Africa.



As you can see, we saw good deal of the wildlife on our last morning out.  I was able to leave feeling fulfilled.  A bucket list item of mine was to go on a safari in Pilanesberg National Game Reserve and in Africa, I feel, in the 3 days day we were gone, on the 3 drives we went out on, I was happy with what I experienced.

Overall, I was thrilled with my time (our time) in Pretoria and it’s surrounding area.  Sam and Mike were absolutely amazing hosts, as was Joyce and the boys!  I saw a lot of things one does not get to see in the USA normally.  Watching an orangoutang run across a busy highway, that just do not happen anywhere else but in Africa!

Even though I have food allergies, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try a few food items that are known to that area with no problems.  We experienced a culture so unlike what we grew up with.  We were surrounded by a history of change on par with ours, just two months after Mandela’s passing and an upcoming game changing election.

As fulfilled as I was on this trip and as content as I was as we boarded our 18 flight back to the states, I was left with this feeling of – what’s next!  Upon returning I dove right back in to work and to this day, nearly 3.5 months after, I still do not have my next trip booked (blasphemy for any traveler!).  I know where I’d like to go, but narrowing it is tough.  Finding someone to go with me, or just going on my own – decisions to be made, timing to be worked out and funds to find.

But as Susan Sontag once said:



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