To Race Skirt or Not To Race Skirt

So over the past few months, as I sit idly by waiting for my bursitis to heal, I ponder the merits of a running skirt.  But of course, not just any running skirt – one with sparkle and flair!  I have heard many positive and fun things about running in a skirt that sparkles.  I watch as runners dress up for races, always highlighted by their sparkly running skirt and I think – I WANT ONE!  Because I’m a girl so why wouldn’t I think that?

So now to true dilemma is, if I get a running skirt that sparkles, do I get one with or without shorts underneath.  Do I want one with more pockets so I no longer need a race belt to hold my gel, keys, phone, etc?  Do I want one that is slightly shorter or slightly longer?

As much as I am sidelined right now due to injury, I am of course planning my races for the end of the summer in to the fall.  Of course, I plan outfits.  I like to at least be coordinated and fun.   There is hopefully a Disney race in my near future which would of course require a costume.  So, I ask you, blogging and running worlds – what are you favorite running skirts?  Why do you like it so much?  What is the benefit (or perk) of yours over others?

Help a runner out!

Happy Running!

(PS: There is still an entire week of my South African Adventure I have yet to post – stay tuned!)


4 thoughts on “To Race Skirt or Not To Race Skirt

  1. I think running skirts are super cute, but the ones with the little shorts underneath just don’t work for me. For now I’m sticking with regular shorts and capris.

  2. I love running skirts. I have an usually large collection. I tend to lean toward the ones with shorts under. I’d like to try the brief style though since it’s always hot where I live

      • I have a few from Lululemon. I’ve gotten them on clearance. They have amazing compression shorts under with the no slip grip band. And I have a few from Nike. Bought all from outlet malls. Target has a few styles too. They seemed ok, but I don’t think I need any more. I probably own 7 or 8… 😞

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