South African Adventure – Animals Abound

So, we landed, we relaxed, we started to adjust, and then on Monday, our first full day, Sami (Jess’ sister) and the kids and Sami & Jess’ friend Joyce and I went off to see some local animals!  We went out to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve located to the Northwest of Pretoria.

As the boys go to a North American school, they had the day off for President’s Day so it was a family adventure.  The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve is an animal reserve where you drive the park in your own car or can hire a guide to join you.  We opted to follow the map they provided and drove ourselves around hoping to see any and all types of animals we could spy with our eye.

Although we did not see any Rhino’s on this drive, we did see plenty of other amazing animals.  The boys were thrilled when we saw a pack of wild dogs and I was amazed by how close we got to the Lions and Cheetah!


We might have caught the Lion’s waking from a nap! Stay clear of their teeth


Those eyes fascinate me

We also saw some Water Buffalo, Ostrich, Warthogs, Zebra, Klipspringer, Waterbucks,

Upon entering the reserve, we paid our entrance fee.  The free here is per person, not per car.  It was R140 for adults and R100 for children.  After we drove the length of the reserve, we pulled over for a stop at a playground for the kids.  The playground had a swing set, jungle gym, two in-ground trampolines and a few blow up bouncy houses for the boys to play on.  Ok, I’ll admit it, the adults got in to the action a bit as well!



After the playground we ventured in to the children’s section.  Here, for an additional R30, we were able to pet some baby lions!


A little bit nervous, but just dove in and pet!


Just before Jess’ lion up and ran away from us!

And because no trip to pet some lion is complete without a bit of a scare – one of them got a little nibbly on Joyce’s foot!DSC_0307


If ever you are in South Africa, around Johannesburg or Pretoria, I recommend this little reserve for a one day adventure with the animals.  They also have wonder caves, but they were closed when we were there.


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