Always Extend Your Work Trip

Good morning sunshines!  Yes, I know many of you are currently buried under many inches of snow, but, if you just look towards the sky, I’m sure you can find a bit of sunshine peaking through.

Well, since the last time I posted was from Cancun, Mexico, I thought I’d follow up with the rest of my time down there with the palm trees.

You see, I have learned one of the many perks of being a freelance meeting planner / travel director, is that I have freedom and flexibility with my schedule.  So, I did what any knowledgable meeting planner / travel lover would do – I extended my stay down there for another 2 days.  I did change hotels, as I found a hotel on for considerably cheeper (my two nights cost half of what one night at the meeting resort would have been).  Yes folks, that is how the savvy meeting planner/travel lover does it.

So I was working a program in Cancun, and given my love of history, I opted to extend to going on a day tour to Chichen Itza and a cenote.  I had my camera ready and off I went.

We got picked up from the hotel at 7:00am, stopped at a few other hotels, and then were on our way for a 3 hour drive out to Chichen Itza.  Along the way our lovely tour guides, brought to you by Thomas Moore Travel, provided us with breakfast, witty banter and humorous stories and information about the Mexican Mayans.  They also promised us no talk on the drive home, only quiet for sleep time.

On the bus trip down we were told the history of Chichen Itza, which means Mouth of the Well of the Priest, along with a better history of Mayans and when the Spanish came and conquered the Mayans.

Of course we were a few items we should definitely purchase, and where not to make souvenir purchases.  Not bad, the shopping fit in with the end of lunch, so it wasn’t like we made any out of the way stops to accommodate.

After lunch we ventured to a Cenote for about an hour, which was wonderful because it happened to have been quite a chilly day for January in the Yucatan.  But regardless, everything was gorgeous!  The vegetation around the well was amazing, and the water was extremely blue.  Needless to say, stopping for a view was worth it.Main temple in Chichen Itza Temple of the Jaguar See the face Cenote


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