Meeting Planner on the Run

As usual, my suitcase was packed with my on-site attire.  Mostly black and about all of it is just for work.  But hidden in there were a few pieces of important items, that sometimes, rarely make their way out of the suitcase.  The running sneakers and the gym clothes!

As a meeting planner, my days tend to be early and late all in one!  We are, literally, the first ones down and the last ones up.

But this morning, I rallied.  Alarm was set for 6:15, I was out the door by 6:34 and on my way for a nice little jog around the property.  Oh, did I leave off that my meeting is in Cancun.  So I got a 1.25 mile job around part of the resort (didn’t want to get lost).  Not the best with a half marathon in 3 1/2 weeks, but sometimes, any mileage is better then none!  Miami Half Marathon, I shall run (or walk or crawl or skip) my way across your finish line and be proud of my accomplishment!

Huts around the Pool at the Moon Palace  This was my view at 6:40 this morning!


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