Perils of Travel

Heading somewhere tropical?  That 7:00am flight looks amazing during booking.  Nice early direct flight, gets there late morning, still have all day to enjoy yourself with the sun and the palm trees.

Then the drama starts.  You realize you have to leave for the airport at 4:00am!  So you fret about getting everything packed the night before and setting your alarm loud enough do you don’t roll out of bed at 6:00am instead.

As you are preparing to leave, last minute small stuff packed, waiting for your taxi to arrive, you start to track your flight.  Make sure everything is still on time.  Looks good. Cab arrives, and to the airport you head.

You get in line and you just wait.  30 minutes later you are still waiting. 45 minutes later and now you are frustrated.  Finally someone from the airline comes over and says they are opening the counters, but the 7:00am flight is delayed.  Ok, that’s not bad.  Delayed until 4:00pm!  What the H—!  Why was I not told about this? Why do the board and the trackers all still say it’s on time?  Why are we first NOW hearing about it?  Where was our emails or phone call or text about the delay?

Better yet, why does the board still say it’s leaving on time, you know 40 minutes from now?

Reader Board 6am

Why does customer relations of the airline not believe you when you call to complain about how the situation was handled?  Why are we not being provided with a half day hotel accommodation or food vouchers if we now have to spend over 8 hours just hanging out at the airport?

More importantly, why is it taking so long for the plane, which was diverted the night before to Boston, to get back to JFK?!  As I sit here and stare out the window, the fog has lifted, visibility has greatly increased and you are still going to tell me the plane won’t arrive until early afternoon?

Now I have dealt with flight delays before, I have dealt with cancelled flights, never has an airline tried any less to get the flight out as soon as possible.  Never have I seen an airline care as little for how their customers feel as I do now.  The staff at the AeroMexico counter seems to be very relaxed and laid back about the situation.  As if things are out of their control.  Why have they not done rolling delays? First available plane goes to the first scheduled flight?  Why are they not working harder to get the plane down here from Boston?

Do I feel bad for my fellow passengers? Of course, they are losing a day of fun in the sun and of all inclusive hotel perks.  Me, I am losing a day of work, a day of meetings that have to be rescheduled.  I will now be a day behind and feel as though I am rushing playing catch up with work.  As lucky as I feel to be going somewhere tropical for work, I am still going for work and this delay is a great inconvenience to my working lifestyle.  It also throws my whole schedule out of whack.  No longer will I have time this evening to get my run in.  No longer will I get an extra hour or two of sleep tomorrow morning to make up for my pre-dawn rising this morning.  No longer will I have a calm two days of pre-meeting work.

Thank you AeroMexico for not caring enough about your passengers, your customers, to make this delay as painless as possible, to make this delay as short as you can.  They told passengers to go home and return around 2.  So if the plane makes it here early, does this mean we cannot take off early?  Does this mean we still have to wait around for everyone else to return to the airport for the 4pm flight you ‘rescheduled’ last night?

So now I am off to kill about 5 rainy hours in JFK Terminal 1, along with my food voucher they finally thought kindly enough to provide to us, hoping I can get on wifi again to do some work and cut down on my already sky high stress levels.  A run would be really good right now – to bad my gym clothes are already checked in.

Terminal 1


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