To Photo or to Photograph

As cell phones grow in powers, so do their camera capabilities.  Frequently when I travel I find myself torn between bringing my Olympus Pen or simply using my HTC One.  Do I bring my favorite, yet bulky 3/4ths DSLR or do I bring the more compact cell phone camera?

I know from experience, and compliments, that my cell phone takes pretty damn good photos.  But I also know it doesn’t quite do what my Olympus Pen can do.  I mean, there is a logical reason as to why I purchased the Olympus instead of the point and shoot at the time.  I figured that if I want basic photos I have my cell phone.  But I strive for something closer to professional quality.  I want photographs that give you that WOW factor.  I want photographs that speak to you after the fact, that make you feel as though you are back in that place at that time, that serve the memory in ways simple pictures can’t do.

As I am slowly preparing for my next big trip, I am finding myself on the search for a new camera bag.  One that is made to hold a camera, but has space for smaller objects.  I’ll need space for my cell phone, my passport and some chapstick.  This way I can get my quick shots on the cell, but I can my quality photographs on my larger camera.  I can get the photographs that such a grand trip deserve.

As a traveler, I am sticking with my larger camera.  The photographs come out grander and more precise.  The photographs will give justice to the trip, they will show off my travels better than my cell phone camera will do.  I am not just a cell phone tourist, I am a photographer.

Taken in June 2010 during a random hail storm in Florence, IT

Taken in June 2010 during a random hail storm in Florence, IT (with Olympus Pen E-PL1)


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