Race Selection – An Art or A Science

How do you pick your next major race?

For a number of years I’ve wanted to run a race as part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.  I was going to run my very first half-marathon and it was going to be a RnR Series half-marathon.  I have a few friends who had run a RnR race so I knew a bit about the series, I’ve see their amazing medals and heard about experiences so I knew RnR Series HAD to be my first major race.  And I did it.  I ran the RnR Virginia Beach Half Marathon and it was fantastic (I’ll recap in another post).  Before I even ran that first race, I had already signed up for  RnR Providence and RnR Brooklyn.  Once I finished all three of races, well, I was hooked on racing!!  I knew I needed more, I needed to find my 2014 races.  But as I researched my next races, I came upon a conflict – I mean really – how do you decide what races you want to run each year?

Do you pick them based on the date of the race? Do you base them on the location of the race?  Do you base those decisions on the medals? Are you trying for the 50 state club?  Are you trying for a state series? Are you trying to a race series medal?  What factor’s go in to choosing your next race?

I entered a lottery for two races this spring because of all the amazing and positive things I have heard about them.  That is the first reason, the second is because of it’s location.  I am eyeballing two races in Florida at the start of February.  They are the same weekend, but I cannot decide which one I should register for.  I think for this decision, it will come down to costs for the races.  Hotel, registration, etc.  But should that be my final factor for ALL race decisions?  Should I base it on the course you are running? On the location within the state, not just the state it’s in?

Is there an art to deciding what your next race should be? Is there a science to picking which are the best races to run? Just how do you go about picking your next race, or the races for the next Calendar year?

Race Day


2 thoughts on “Race Selection – An Art or A Science

  1. I love the pictures at the end. I don’t really have a rhyme or reason to my selections this year. It was my first year running and I wanted to experience all that I could, and that my wallet would allow. I picked some on location, on what I’d heard about it, but most on price. Luckily since I’m just starting out, all the races I ran (including 2 obstacle races) were 5K distance. Good luck with your choices for the coming year!

  2. Mine’s not much of a science as it is me being cheap. I try to run local or within driving distance (2 hours or less) that I can get an affordable hotel (preferably Marriott, since my sis gets me discounts). Otherwise it’s a location where friends or family live that I can stay with.

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